2017 Gift Guide: Award-winning Scooters for the Whole Family

gift_guide_blog.pnggift_guide_3 (1).pngMicro Kickboard offers mobility solutions for all ages, from award-winning three-wheeled scooters that children as young as one can master, 2-wheeled rides for mom and dad, and robust rides to shorten a morning commute. Give the gift of Micro this holiday season with confidence that you are giving a top-rated, award-winning ride that will be ridden for years. Not sure which Micro is quite right? Check out this guide below with features and age recommendations for each of these Swiss-designed rides. 

 gifts for ages 12 months to 5 years.png3in1 (6).pngDesigned for ages 12 months - 5 years, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe is the ultimate gift for starting your kiddo out on Micro. With three rides available, the 3-in-1 grows with your child as the master balance and coordination. Starting as a ride-on, children can scoot forward and use their body weight to lean left and ride to steer their ride. As they become more comfortable and sturdy, you can remove the seat and attach the included O-bar to encourage your child to stand and scoot. In it's final stage, the Mini 3in1 becomes a Mini Deluxe scooter, growing with them through age five. Available in red, blue, and pink, this gift is perfect for new-to-Micro little ones, at $125. 

2go (2).pngThe Mini 2Go Deluxe is designed with the tiny explorer in mind. Safety tested for ages 18 months - 5 years, this functional ride-on comes with an under-seat drawer, allowing your child to take their most prized possessions along for the ride. As your child grows and becomes comfortable with balance and steering, this stylish ride-on converts to a Mini scooter, and can be ridden through age five. Available in pink, blue, mint and red, the Mini 2Go Deluxe will make for a happy kiddo on Christmas morning!lazy.pngDesigned for the tiny travelers in your life, The Lazy Luggage is the ultimate gift for ages 18 months+. The Lazy Luggage is a stylishly designed, multi-functional travel gadget that makes traveling a breeze. This means no strollers in the airport and finally having ample storage. Easy to maneuver and simple to steer, the Lazy Luggage is a fantastic alternative to keep your child moving along. The Lazy Luggage can be used as a carry-on, with a storage compartment and a foldable handlebar so it can be stowed underneath the seat in front of you. The wheels are folding and the handle is adjustable in height (85cm to 109cm). Travel with ease and style for $179.99.

trike.pngDitch the bulky stroller for the lightweight, portable Micro Trike. This ride-on, for ages 18 months+, is perfect for a quick trip to the store, park, or around the neighborhood. Easily stowed in a trunk or carried onto public transport, the Trike will change the way you move with your child! Available in black or white, the Trike is $79.99. 
chopper (1).png


Bypass training wheels with the Chopper G-Bike from Micro! This incredibly lightweight bike (we're talking four pounds) helps build balance and coordination from the start! With it's sleek chopper handlebar style, this balance bike features an adjustable seat and handlebar height. and is available in three modern colors--white, black, and chrome. Designed for ages 2-5, this stylish bike will be a hit under the tree this year. On sale for $99.99. 

mini (6).pngThe Mini Deluxe is well-known and well-loved by Micro fans. This scooter is often where the love for Micro begins. With it's unique lean-to-steer design, the Mini Deluxe is easy to manuever and offers a stable ride for children ages 2-5. The adjustable handlebar allows the scooter to grow as your child grows through their preschool years. It's modular construction means all parts are replaceable, making it a toy that lasts virtually forever and can be passed down, child after child. Available in over ten colors, the award-winning Mini Deluxe is $95. 

gifts for ages 5-12.pngmaxi (12).pngThe Maxi Deluxe scooter, designed for ages 5-12, offers years of smooth riding. This award-winning, 3-wheeled ride features great new color combinations with matching anodized T-bars and anti-slip silicone injected deck. It's modular construction means that if your child wears out the wheels or brakes, they can be easily replaced--reviving your scooter for years. Available in over ten stylish colors, the Maxi Deluxe is $145. 

 rocket.pngThe Rocket is THE scooter for ages 8+. One look at the design tells you this two-wheeled scooter is ready for adventure. One ride on its smooth-gliding, extra-grippy fat wheels shows you it can handle your slickest moves with ease. Good on paved and unpaved surfaces, the rocket provides cool looks, folding convenience and rugged Micro build quality in one unique ride. When you’re ready to blast off, the Rocket is ready for you. With a weight limit of 220 lbs, the Rocket can be ridden by children and adults alike. Available in Black or Sky Blue for $145. sprite (1).png


The Micro Sprite is Micro's highest rated 2 wheel scooter for ages 8 up to adults. It offers a lot of Micro quality and style for a great price. With its cool colors and fantastically smooth glide, the Sprite is everyone's favorite - from kids to moms and commuters. The Sprite is strong yet lightweight, only 5.5 lbs, with a maximum rider load of 220 lbs and an adjustable height handle bar that extends 34" above the deck (37" above the ground) to accomodate both kids and adults. The Sprite is also a great travel and commuter scooter - it can be folded up quickly and easily for carrying or storing away, and the built-in kickstand allows quick upright “parking.”

For daily use, the Sprite is ideal for kids 6+, teens, and lighter-weight adults. For special occasions and for travel, an adult of up to 220 lbs can be comfortable on the Sprite - it's a great way to roll on a family trip and a cinch to carry around with our Micro carry strap. Available in over six stylish colors at $105.

gifts for mom and dad.pngwhite (1).pngDesigned for adults, the Micro White is one of Micro's most popular 2 wheel scooters and the latest in "green" mobility. The iconic design and incredibly smooth glide make it a fun to ride. The White is one of Micro's tallest scooters, designed especially for adults. The low deck, together with the high T-Bar (41" above the ground), provides a comfortable, upright stance, for an elegant feel to the ride. The over-sized wheels offer maximum glide with minimum effort. The steering on the White is responsive and precise, helpful when riding with children, maneuvering on crowded campuses, or on busy city sidewalks. You'll notice lots of thoughtful features on the Micro White, from the patented two-way kickstand and patented folding mechanism, to the high level of design and construction of all the components (all fully replaceable so your scooter will last, virtually forever). Smooth-gliding, foldable, portable, and about twice as fast as walking, the Micro White is the new way to fly--for only $205. (Also available in black).flex (1).png


Designed for adults, the Flex Series is named for its flexible, patented deck - a marine-ply and fiberglass composite that absorbs bumps easily, even on urban sidewalks. The large, 200 mm wheels, make it one of Micro's fastest, smoothest rides. The high-quality hand grips are luxuriously comfortable, even after a long ride. One of the Flex's best features are its high rebound wheels, with extra thick PU shore coating and performance-grade bearings that resist high pressures, creating a supremely quiet, quality ride. These features, together with the taller steering stick, are changing the way adults think about scooters.

The Flex Series is one of our favorites - its upgraded features put it at the top of our list of scooters to recommend to any adults looking to shave some time off their commute, or just for kickin' around. Available in black, aubergine, and blue for $205.

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Shop the Micro Luggage


The Micro Luggage scooter is the carry-on luggage every frequent flyer should have. A roll aboard with built-in kickboard that lets you ride to your gate, Micro Luggage will get you there in about half the time it takes walking. Fold it up and your Micro luggage becomes a conventional roll aboard. While waiting at the gate to board, access your laptop and paper work via the specially designed front pocket. When you reach the plane, fold and place your Micro Luggage in the standard overhead luggage bin. Designed for adults, with a TSA compliant case.

A strong aluminum deck and handlebar, together with smooth-riding polyurethane wheels make riding the Micro Luggage effortless, while the sleek Samsonite-designed luggage case has enough room for 2-3 days of clothing, workout gear, a 17 inch screen laptop, and separate easy grab pockets for toiletries, paperwork, etc. All the space you need for that quick trip! $305.

pf (1).pngThe Pedalflow is an innovative, compact, folding bike, without a seat! Designed for short commutes, the Pedalflow is great for the "last mile" to the office, rolling around the marina, or showing off on your way to town. Fun to ride and easy to carry, the Pedalflow also is useful as transport on campus. One of the most important benefits of no seat or crossbar is that getting on and off is quick and easy. It also lowers the weight. At only 16 lbs, the Pedalflow is one of the lightest-weight folding bikes on the market. The lighter weight makes it convenient to carry inside or on to public transport, using the lowered handlebar to carry it. Maintenance is simple, with no cables to worry about as the backpedal brake is built into the rear wheel hub and never needs replacing or adjusting. The cast aluminum wheels and rugged tires are suitable for all surfaces, so you can take the Pedalflow just about anywhere. $299.99

Micro scooters are available at Microkickboard.com, Target.com, Amazon.com, and retailers across the U.S.