Which Adult Scooter Is Right For You?

When shopping online, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which scooter is right for you. It may feel like you're looking at the exact same scooter again and again. We hear questions from adults all the time wondering, what’s the difference between our top selling adult scooters? In this guide, we’re walking you through our adult scooters, and helping you to choose which set of wheels is right for you.




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For the casual rider

Our top picks for casual riders happen to include our most popular adult scooters: our Micro White and Micro Black scooters. While these scooters have different names, the only thing that differs between the two are their colors. The highlight of these scooters is their effortless ride. The scooter’s low deck allows you to stay at roughly the same height off the ground while you kick and scoot around, as opposed to bobbing up and down in order for your foot to touch the ground. The Micro Black & White offer basic suspension, sturdy construction, a folding mechanism, large PU wheels, and an adjustable handlebar.





For the frequent flyer

There isn’t a product we recommend more for frequent flyers than our Micro Luggage 3.0. It totally changes the travel game! When we found out that the only other things you can ride in the airport are wheelchairs and airport staff-operated golf cars, we knew we had something good. Zip through security, across terminals, and to the washroom without the long line, as riding our scooter-suitcase cuts walking time in half. This is the travel hack you’ve been waiting for.




For the family traveler

While all of our scooters are easily portable, our top pick for family travel goes to the Micro Sprite. It’s the lightest-weight scooter for ages 8+ on the market, weighing in at just 6 lbs and folds compactly into your luggage. The Sprite is a favorite for many traveling families who swear by them for long days in some of the world’s most beautiful cities. With a weight capacity of 220 lbs, odds are mom and dad can ride with the kids from restaurant to museum to hotel. The handlebar is not ideal for taller adults, however. Cover more ground with the Micro Sprite!




For the larger adult or the bumpy commute

Our most robust scooter, the Suspension, is loaded with its namesake quality. With dual suspension mechanisms built into the front & rear wheels, and engineered to glide over bumps, this scooter is our top recommendation for bumpy commutes. It’s also our largest scooter, rounding out our fleet for larger adults. Popular among tall males, the Suspension is a Micro US office favorite!




For something in the middle

While this scooter is loved by many skateboard fanatics, there are plenty of non-skaters who enjoy the Micro Flex Series scooter just as much. It’s a happy medium between our Micro White & Black scooters, and our Suspension. It offers more suspension and bump absorption than the Micro White & Black, while also being more lightweight and compact than the Suspension. Its marine-ply and fiberglass composite deck is what makes this scooter truly special. The flex deck offers one of Micro’s smoothest rides!




For those that want a little more balance

We recommend our 3-wheeled kickboards to those who may be a bit intimidated by a 2-wheeled scooter. Our kickboards offer a bit more balance than their 2-wheeled counterparts, as they stand upright on their own. They are also appealing to a number of skateboarders, as the steering style is the similar lean-to-steer, which we also utilize with our Mini and Maxi scooters.




For the tech-obsessed

Our Micro Merlin is the best electric scooter on the market with dual suspension, thick anti-puncture PU tires, cruise control, 15 mile range, and speeds up to 15 mph. We've put our very best into the Micro Merlin. If you're looking for an e-scooter, you may have just found it. Check out our blog post on the Merlin's best features here.


We hope this buying guide has been helpful as you navigate the buying process for your adult scooter! If you'd like more assistance, our Online Concierge is a quick and easy way to get a suggestion, and our award-winning Customer Service is always happy to help.