All New! The Micro Air Hopper

The number of times kids can hop up and down can often be mind blowing. We surely aren’t the only ones who’ve experienced this phenomenon! Whether it’s up and down the hopscotch lane, around the bounce house, along the trampoline, or on one foot, young children love to bounce! 


We’re thrilled to launch our newest development, the Micro Air Hopper - a convertible ride for children as young as 18 months to hop and roll to their heart’s content. This indoor ride is uniquely qualified to become your child’s new favorite toy, as it’s been irresistible for every child who has come across it! 


Micro was founded on the principles of exquisite Swiss design and precise engineering. These principles are reflected in the Air Hopper’s ease from bounce to roll! This smooth gliding ride-on toy allows the rider to begin by bouncing on a stationary base, building balance and coordination skills while getting familiar with the Air Hopper.


Next, attach wheels to the base and experience Micro’s renowned smooth glide! Everything you love about Micro’s quality line of scooters can now be experienced on 4 wheels. Each wheel can easily be added into the bottom of the base, while the bouncy Air Hopper rests securely on top.


In its third iteration, remove the Air Hopper’s base for a limitless adventure, bouncing to and fro on this little love bug. Its happy face greets each rider, setting the stage for what will be hours, days, months, and years of fun!

Assembly for the Air Hopper is easy. Simply use the included hand pump to inflate the Hopper until full. Choose your style of ride, and take off! 

Get ready for eyes to light up! Shop the Micro Air Hopper now.