Best Gift Ideas for Her This Valentine's Day

vday_blog_her.png1) Micro White, $205- This classy two-wheeled scooter is the perfect choice for her. Weighing in at less than 11 lbs with foldability that will make her commute that much easier, the Micro White features an adjustable handlebar that raises from 26’ to 38’ helping her find that perfect riding height. Gift her this easy rider that will last far longer than that bouquet you were considering, and have her smiling for years.micro scooter_white_SA0031 (7).jpg

micro scooter_white_SA0031 (7).jpg

2) Chunky knit infinity scarf, $62 - Not only will this comfy-cozy infinity scarf keep her plenty warm this winter, but admit it, she’s going to look adorable wearing it.


3) Ninja Coffee Brewer, $179.80 - She’s been saying she’s spending too much on drive-thru lattes, here’s how you help put a little more money back in her wallet. Save money and time waiting in line with this incredibly efficient brewer from Ninja that will make 10 cups of her favorite blend, a hassle free permanent filter as well as a built-in frother. After a few weeks with this brewer, she might just start thinking about entering the Barista Olympics next summer.


4) Light Up Selfie Phone Case, $39.95 - The 'selfie'. When is it going to end!?! Honestly, probably never. So let her keep being the star she is with a case that offers not only solid protection with tough, impact resistant plastic, but also a simple on/off switch that provides pristine lighting. She may not be a celebrity, but she’s sure gonna feel like one.



5) Flex Aubergine, $205 - Micro Kickboard's smooth gliding Flex series is the perfect scooter - and not just because it’s her favorite color. With a super simple two-button folding system that makes it easy to store under her desk and performance-grade bearings that handle the sketchiest of cracks, the Flex Aubergine is the most serene scoot. After a long day at the office, she’ll be scooting to meet her girls for happy hour, showing off her gorgeous new ride, and bragging about you the whole time.Joey - Flex Aubergine.jpg

6) Bubble Bath/Oil/Candle package, $33 - This year, bring the spa to her with this incredible smelling package from Illume that includes bubble bath, body soufflé as well as an amazing scented candle with hints of water mint. While she’s relaxing and soaking, you’ll be gaming for hours, guilt-free.


7) Rice cooker/ Food steamer, $69.99 - Have you been hearing her say more times then you can count, “I really want to start eating better,” and by “I" she means “YOU"? It’s time to cut the carbs and actually start eating better. With this amazing cooker from Aroma that prepares as much as 20 cups of rice and steams your meat or veggies at the same time, you'll find this gift for her, turns out to be a gift for you too.

8) Oprah Winfrey’s, “What I Know for Sure. $15 - Keep her calm and remind her why this year is going to be amazing with the powerfully affirming words of one of the most influential women in decades.



9) Amazon Gift Card - Make sure this year she’s not just saying, “Aww sweetie, this is great!” but really meaning it. Give her a gift that lets her pick, taking the pressure completely off your stressed out shoulders.


10) Speed+Mint, $139.99 - In a stylish mint color with a double wide deck and grip tape to ensure solid footing, as well as large 145mm wheels with patented shock-absorbers built into each hub, she’ll be speeding safely to her yoga class or the train stop with minutes to spare. And at only $139.99, with the Speed+ you’re getting a high-quality Micro scooter for one amazing value.