Gift Guide for Six-Year-Olds

There’s something about 6-year-olds that make them unusually difficult to shop for. They are full-time students and practice responsibility and independence each day at school, while at home, they can still feel like your little tot who isn’t quite ready for big kid toys. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for 6-year-olds that offer independence and a lot of fun, too. Your 6-year-old will be sure to love any gift on our list!




 Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter

One of our best-sellers, our Maxi Deluxe scooters are perfect for 6 year olds. The adjustable handlebar grows with kids from ages 5-12, and the lean-to-steer system keeps kids having fun as it transitions. From helping them improve their balance, to surfing the sidewalks in a new way, your child will have a blast. Kids seriously LOVE this scooter! With more than 10 color options, we have the perfect way for your 6-year-old to stand out.


 Kids Headphones

At age 6, many kids begin to develop their own music taste. Encourage their creative passions with a pair of comfortable headphones.



A Yoyo

Bring your child back to the days of old with a retro toy like a yoyo! Although yoyos gained popularity in the 20’s, they still provide endless fun today with different materials, designs, and tricks to learn.



Magic Science For Wizards Only Kit

Anyone can learn a magic trick, but a true magician knows the method behind the madness! This science kit STEM toy is perfect for children ages 6+ to learn the basics of chemical reactions.



Kids Watch

As 6-year-olds continue to master the basics of telling time, a kids watch is the perfect gift to help them practice. Themed watches abound, so find one that coordinates with kids’ favorite movies and shows, or their favorite colors and designs.



A Book

If your 6-year-old doesn’t love reading, it may be because they haven’t found the right book. If they do love to read, they’ll love adding another title to their collection. Either way, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole comes widely recommended.


Robotic Dog

It seems like 6 is the age where every child starts begging for a new pet (regardless of whether or not they already have one). This robotic dog is a fun play on the family pet. While it may not be the best for cuddling, you can count on it learning lots of fun tricks!



Air Fort

There’s something about a fort that all kids love: whether it’s the creativity of putting it together, the feeling of independence, or the rules they make for it. Forts are surely a necessity of childhood! This air fort has an easy set-up option (you just need a box fan) and offers endless fun for your 6-year-old.



Spy Gear

Help your 6-year old become the ultimate secret agent with this spy gear bundle. They’ll love the fun of their recording pen, night vision goggles, tactical mirror, and more.



Polaroid Camera

The perfect gift for your artsy 6-year-old, this Polaroid camera instantly prints the photos they take. Prepare to see the world through their eyes!



Maxi Original Scooter

Our original Maxi scooter has been a crowd pleaser for years. Its award-winning design and high quality construction offer endless fun for your 6-year old. The adjustable T bar ensures years of fun, as the scooter grows with your child up to age 12.



Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

There’s no better way for 6-year-olds to jam out to their favorite songs than with thir own Karaoke microphone. This bluetooth version can be used as speaker, player, and recorder, and is compatible with various singing applications.


Whatever the occasion is, we hope that you've found your perfect gift on our list! Happy shopping, Micro friends!


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