Best Grow-with-Me Ride-ons for Toddlers Ages 12 mos to 5 years

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 Micro's Grow-with-Me Toddler Ride-ons and Scooters

With spring here and summer on the way, we can’t think of a better way to spend a sun-soaked Saturday than exploring the neighborhood with your toddler. Make sure to add an extra element of fun and adventure by taking along a Micro ride-on, designed for even the youngest kiddos, age 12 months and up.

Micro’s line of toddler wheels ‘grow’ with your child through several stages of development. The toddler line starts with the perfect ride-on for 12-month-olds and continues to grow with them up to age 5 with a stand-up Mini Deluxe scooter. Our line also includes our balance bikes; amazingly lightweight for ages 2 to 5. Whichever Micro you choose, you’ll find that all models have child-friendly features we've spent years developing. Most importantly, Micro products for kids are exceptionally stable, with two wheels in front and gentle lean-to steering that children pick up instinctively. You'll also notice that the quality rubber hand grips are specially designed to be comfortable and easy for little hands to hold on to. And, the deck is designed with rounded edges that won’t hurt toddler ankles and is made with flexible fiberglass to absorb the bumps on neighborhood sidewalks.

All this translates into Micro's famously smooth, stable ride, guaranteed to bring joy to you and your child all summer long. And, just as a quick FYI, Kickboards are scooters that are designed with 2 wheels in front and one in back, a design Micro was the first to employ on scooters for young kids. 

Exceptionally durable, Micro is designed to be ridden daily, year after year. It's a level of quality rarely seen in products made for children.  But you may be wondering, "Which Micro is right for my toddler?” No worries, our age guidelines are super helpful and a few other considerations are addressed below, to help ensure you find the perfect Micro, the one that will keep your toddler smiling all summer long.

If you have questions at all, please get in touch with us at 888-236-5657 M-F, 9am-5pm, EST or at


The Mini 3in1 Deluxe: ages 12 months - 5 years

The Mini 3in1 Deluxe is a quality ride-on that will grow with your toddler. The stable seat has two height settings; start with the lowest setting for your 12-month old and raise the seat as they grow. When they’re ready to stand, detach the seat (easy to do) so your toddler can use the shorter steering stick, designed as an O-bar, for little hands. Then, for ages 2 to 5 the 3in1 converts to the popular Mini Deluxe, by replacing the O-bar with the adjustable T-bar, (included with purchase of 3in1 FYI), with its gentle, easy to maneuver lean-to steering. They’ll get years of fun from riding the Mini and at approximately age 5 they can then size up to the Maxi Deluxe for ages 5 to 12. You’ll be amazed as you watch their balance and coordination grow - skills that improve every time they ride their Micro. Lifelong skills that will grow with them, just like their Mini 3in1 :)

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You can buy the Mini 3in1 for your 12-month-old as they are newly standing or just getting ready to. Even if they are a couple months older and already walking like a boss, they’ll love the Mini 3in1 with its 3 rides for 3 ages, all in one box.  All parts are replaceable, so your 3in1 can last, literally forever.

Best ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kids

3 Rides for 3 Ages all in 1 box

Here’s the 3 Stages of the Mini 3in1:

STAGE 1 - ages 12 mos +
Best ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kids

 Seat at lower height (left) and seat at higher height (right)  

STAGE 2 - ages 18 mos +

Best ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kidsStand and ride using shorter O-bar

STAGE 3 - ages 2 years +

Best ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kidsThe Micro Mini 3in1 with adjustable T-bar (T-bar included in Mini 3 in1)


Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus: Ages 12 mos. to 5 years


Like the Mini 3in1 Deluxe, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus grows with your toddler. Designed for ages 12 months +, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus starts with a stable ride-on with parental push-bar and converts to the popular Mini Deluxe that your child will ride standing up to age 5. The the biggest difference between the Deluxe and the Deluxe Plus is that the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus offers the parental push bar, and does not come with the O-bar. We recommend this ride-on for children who are able to stabilize themselves in a sitting position, and for parents who might enjoy pushing their toddler on the scooter. Like all of our 3-wheeled kickboards, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus uses the same gentle lean-to-steer method that teaches your little one balance and coordination from a very young age.  

3in1 deluxe plus stages

1-2-3 Grow With Me on the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus


The Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus with T-bar and foot pegs

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Chopper Balance Bike: ages 2-5 years

Insanely lightweight, the Chopper is actually the the lightest balance bike on the market, weighing less than 5 lbs. Yet it's incredibly strong, with a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs. The lightweight design makes it easier for your little biker to balance it, control it, and even carry it if need be. The, Chopper's seat adjusts to grow with your child and the super rad beach-style handlebars can be adjusted, helping you find the most comfortable 'reach' for your child. The Chopper offers amazing fun for an afternoon at the park, but also its non-marking wheels mean it can be ridden inside when the weather doesn't cooperate. 

Trust us, you're gonna have a ball watching your toddler balance on 2 wheels. They'll have a blast cruising the neighborhood’s sidewalks. (And it’s ok, we know; you wish you had one, too). Lastly, be sure to check out Micro's balance bike videos to help you and your child better understand better how to ride a balance bike.  Micro Original Balance Bike ages 2 to 4 (G-bike)   


G-bike Chopper Deluxe LifestyleBest ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kids

Micro Trike: Ages 18 months+

It's the gadget many families didn't know they needed... Until they tried it. The Micro Trike is the compact solution to big portability problems. The Trike acts as a stroller alternative for urban and traveling families. Not only does it fold up flat, the Trike also comes equipped with large wheels to glide over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk. With its Swiss-engineered turning system, the Trike allows parents to maneuver busy sidewalks with ease. 

Children love the change in scenery while riding, and the autonomy to explore the world around them with the Trike's open design. With foot pegs to keep little feet off the wheels, the Trike is a comfortable and fun spot for any adventurous toddler. 


Trike hanging trike



Micro Mini Deluxe: ages 2-5 years

Based on our reviews, many parents think our Micro Mini kickboard scooter is not only the most stable and fun for young children, it's also the longest-lasting. It's not unusual for us to receive a photo of 3 siblings, all of whom rode and loved the same Mini!  It's the Mini's 3-wheel kickboard design, with two wheels in front and one in back that really helps with stability, together with the lean-to steering style with its smooth and gentle turns. The lean-to-steer is easy for virtually all children to pick up intuitively (the Mini was awarded a SNAP (special needs adaptable) award by the prestigious Oppenheim Toy Awards). The Mini's flexible deck is low to the ground, making it easy for kids to step on and off confidently. The flexible fiberglass and ABS plastic absorbs the bumps, offering the smooth ride that's made Micro famous among toddlers and their parents. 

And, this part is the time your child has been riding their Mini for a year or so, you’ll see them take it to the next level with many more curves right and left. This motion is incredibly fun and looks a little like they’re ‘surfing’ the sidewalk. It might be worth mentioning that this is actually a weight-shifting skill and mastering it will prepare them for other sports they may want to do in the future (think skiing, surfing and golf, for examples). The Mini is a huge self-confidence builder, watch your child beam with pride as onlookers ooh and ahh at their mega skills.

Best ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kids

The quality of the Mini is unsurpassed and practically unprecedented in a children’s product. It is an award-winning design, named by The American Specialty Toy Retailers Association (ASTRA) as the Best Classic Toy in 2015. Many of the stores in the 2000 member association have been selling the Mini since 2007 and still sell it today. Check out the Mini's 5-star reviews on Amazon and on our website.

And with so many different colors options, you’ll have absolutely no problem finding the perfect Mini Deluxe just for them.



Best ride on toys for toddlers, toddler scooters, best scooters for kids

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