Comparing 3-Wheeled Kickboards for Adults

You may be wondering: what are the differences between an adult scooter and a kickboard? Put simply, scooters & kickboards have a different number of wheels; 2 and 3 respectively. The longer answer is that they each have a different style of ride. Let us explain.

2-wheeled scooters, like our popular Micro Classic in White and Micro Classic in Black, operate like the classic scooter you’re probably imagining. You use your foot to kick off the ground, and similar to a bike, you hold onto the handlebars and move them in the direction you’d like to go!

3-wheeled scooters, or kickboards, have fixed, non-moving handlebars and utilize our lean-to-steer mechanism. You can dive into all of the details of the lean-to-steer in this blog post. To keep it short here, imagine someone surfing, skateboarding, or snowboarding. That core movement where the rider shifts their body weight left or right is what causes their board to steer. This is how our kickboards (child and adult) work as well. The rider holds the fixed handlebars (or joystick if applicable), kicks their foot on the ground to go, and shifts their weight if they’d like to go left or right. The 3-wheels on a kickboard allow for this special type of steering that we’re known for! 

While our 3-wheeled scooters may require a bit less balance than our 2-wheelers, they are generally heavier and do require more core movement in order to turn. Something to keep in mind as we sometimes get asked if our kickboards are better for the less-than-coordinated!

It is very easy to hop aboard and stand on one of our 3-wheelers, however steering them is a different ballgame. Many folks have never ridden a lean-to-steer style of scooter and, unless you have skateboarding experience, there will likely be a bit of a learning curve for riding and steering a 3-wheeler. Skateboarding experience can help ease this learning curve! 

Let’s get into our different kickboard models - which is best for you? What are the differences?

Best All Around: Kickboard Original 2.0

Our in-the-middle model, the Kickboard Original is great for the average adult who is looking to ride around on 3 wheels. It comes with both handlebar and joystick attachments allowing you to switch between a “traditional” ride and more of a skateboard-style ride. Available in a chrome finish, this neutral kickboard is great for parents looking for a ride similar to their kiddos Micro.

Best for the Petite: Kickboard Compact

Perfect for young teens or small adults, the Kickboard Compact is our "grown up" version of the 3-wheeled scooter. With all of the same great Micro features (lean-to-steer design, smooth Micro glide, & grippy footboard), the Kickboard Compact has a slightly bigger deck, and a higher weight capacity. Available in Black and Silver, it also comes with both the joystick and handlebar option. The Kickboard Compact is the smallest of our adult kickboards, perfect for teens and tweens ready to take the leap onto an adult ride.

Best for the ‘Big & Tall’: Kickboard Monster

Go big or go home! The Kickboard Monster is the most robust kickboard we offer, weighing in at 11 lbs. This ride is great for bigger, athletic guys looking to take street surfing to the next level. Its build is perfect for larger bodies, and the Monster’s wide wheels allow for a smooth ride over rough terrain. We recommend this model for more athletic adults, as both the weight and wide wheels of this kickboard require more effort to propel forward. Popular for buff dads and college students, the Kickboard Monster is perfect for a wild ride.

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