Defeat Urban Traffic with the emicro one

GD199124.jpgemicro_banner-3.jpgemicro_banner-2.jpgAs Brand Ambassadors for Micro, we drive the Micro Truck across the US, promoting the brand to adults and kids at cultural and sporting events. From the West coast to the East, we’ve canvassed this great big beautiful country. Along the way there’s been a few places our 25-foot Micro Truck couldn't go. Or shouldn’t. Parallel parking in Hollywood or San Francisco is possible, but not without a protractor. Luckily, Micro is a company that specializes in urban mobility so we have a few options for making our way through almost any urban environment. The more congested the traffic, the more Micro’s transport options shine.


Some of our biggest challenges have been at Superbowl, SxSW, CES and the Academy Awards, where the traffic could only be described as defeating, preventing others from getting anywhere on time, challenging us to disrupt the transport options on offer. Our goal when we arrive at a new city is to get to interviews and events on time and our challenge is to have a great time doing it. We all know this means starting with the right playlist, but the critical part of the strategy is choosing the right mode of transport. Our favorite weapon - the emicroMicro’s new hybrid electric scooter. 

emicro hybrid electric scooter

We’ve been riding the emicro for months now, covering literally hundreds of miles with this ferociously sleek, dangerously sexy, black hybrid electric scooter, so we feel qualified to describe the experience in an authentic way, despite the obvious employment bias.

Getting around cities is a challenge for everyone. We all use printable phrases like ‘fighting traffic’, ‘stuck in traffic’ ‘gridlock’ ‘train delay’ ‘missed the bus’  ‘stole my parking space’ ‘need an Uber’ (wait, dude, you’re not using WAZE!?) as well as some unprintable ones. To win the challenge you need the right equipment. Your equipment is probably a combination of a bicycle and a bus pass. Or a rail pass and a car. Or an Uber app and a gym membership. Or excellent walking shoes and a Fit Bit, with Future bumpin on your BOSE headphones. Whatever your combo, we think the addition of an emicro will place you ahead of the pack and where you need to be, on time.

emicro hybrid electric scooter

But let’s get to some logistics. The emicro is fast, topping out at 15mph, no that’s not going downhill. The emicro also is super durable and super strong, made out of aircraft grade aluminum. Unless you’re Bruce Banner, good luck putting a dent in it. Last but not least the emicro is lightweight, topping out at a mere 16.5 pounds (not even a proper curl weight!).

One example of a cool experience we’ve had on the emicro happened during Super Bowl week in San Francisco. We were at Pier 23 on the Embarcadero watching some super dope reggae music. A friend sent us a text asking if we were going to the secret Third Eye Blind show (absolute favorite band of all time) in the Mission. We did some quick research on 3EB’s social media and confirmed they were playing under a fake name at ‘The Chapel’, about 4 miles away. Start time in 1 hour. Considered an uber but the extra 80,000 people in San Francisco that night meant traffic was straight up gridlocked with many streets were closed. So, like Nicholas Cage in ‘The Rock’, we unleashed our emicros from under our chairs (they fold up and are super compact, you can literally bring them anywhere) and took to the streets with vengeance – we would stop at nothing to get to the show, even though we knew the emicros range of 8 to 10 miles might leave us a little short of our destination, as we were 70% charged. It was going to be close. But before you could say ‘Fast and Furious’ we were racing through North Beach on our way to The Mission. Traffic is definitely gridlocked but we’ve got destiny and the emicro on our side. Some of the hills there were somewhat menacing but no problem emicro technology senses when riders are on an incline and gives an extra boost to get to the top of those hills.

About 30 minutes later we made it to the show,sold out! But we got in, thanks to the venue manager, who obviously knew the heart of the phrase ‘real recognize real’. Back to the essence of what this is all about - getting places - and the role emicro can play. Our experience is that trying to get places in cities without the emicro is like having surf with no board. The beach is great, so are cities, but they are a lot better with something to ride. We wouldn’t want to be in any city without it.

emicro hybrid electric scooter

Our emicros are charging as we type and we can’t wait to use them the rest of today. Our city transport weapon of choice will always be the emicro One (until Micro comes out with the sequel). Yours should be too. Trust us. We’ve probably already hit your streets, but if not, we will be soon.

Any cons? yes, no riding in the rain…(micro could change the wheel material, but they’d be heavier and slower..). we do wish the charge lasted a little longer, but it charges up in an hour so really we're just spoiled. Overall, riders need to know what they are doing…

Afterall, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility‘.

Want to learn more? Check out the emicro's latest video.