Harmony's Micro Story

Meet Harmony: an adventurous mother based in Utah showing other families how to enjoy their home state! Harmony first caught our eye with her bright photos and gang of colorful kiddos. When we learned about her passion for family adventure, we had to know more!

We caught up with Harmony to chat about the best places in Utah, watching babies learn to ride Micro, and living life in color.

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Harmony has been exploring her home state for years: "we've covered ALL over the state of Utah." With a beautiful climate, massive mountains, and seriously bucket-list-worthy State and National Parks, Utah is a traveler's paradise. She said, "There's a reason Utah National Parks are always in the top 10 places to visit in the US, and we want to shout it out to everyone." Sounds good to us! Now for Harmony to introduce you to Utah!

You’ve got quite the crowd riding on Micro! How did you find out about our scooters?

I actually saw Micro scooters on Love Tazas website. I figured if her kids were riding around New York, they've got to be freaking awesome. My oldest kids were 3 & 4 when we purchased their first scooters. We practiced inside our house for a while and released them into the wild. People are STILL blown away about how fast they are.

Our third child, Vesper, was 2 and the size of a 9-month-old when she started riding. It was ALARMing to see such a tiny human being riding along on a scooter, heck, it still is. Every time she puts on her helmet, all her skirts, purse, and hangs her beloved giraffe on the handle, people just gawk.

Our 4th child, Farah, couldn't even walk when she started standing and trying to scoot her leg along on the scooter. Come spring, she'll be a pro. 

We love seeing all of the fun places you tag your kiddos riding Micro. Where is your favorite place you've found in Utah?

It's so hard to choose. Utah has SO many different landscapes. I'd have to say any place that has Red Rocks, which is all over Southern Utah. But my favorite, favorite place has got to be Snow Canyon State Park. Snow Canyon State Park has the softest sand, slot canyons, white dunes, bike paths, and it is just breathtaking.

What's your #1 tip for families looking for places to get out and about in their state?

Just do it. Whether it's visiting a new neighborhood park or a National Park, just do it. You'll never regret it.

We've seen your kiddos riding Apricot, Orange, and Pink Micro scooters and we've noticed your feed is quite bright as well! What's the reason for keeping things so vibrant?

Aww thanks. I wish we had ALLLL the scooter colors! I believe in a world of color. Life is meant to be bright and fun.

It's great to see your crew out and about enjoying the fresh air, but what's your favorite thing to do during a night in?

We are really into card games right now. We realized our kids like playing games and UNO and Old Maid are a big deal!



Big thanks to Harmony and her family for sharing about their adventures on Micro throughout their home state! You can keep up with Harmony on Instagram at @harmony_motherchaos.

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