How to Choose the Right Commuter Scooter

Congrats! You’re considering an alternate mode of transportation for your commute. We may be biased, but we think scooters are the way to go! Not only are they eco-friendly and ultra popular, scooters are also some of the most compact and lightweight modes of transportation you can find! For a commute that’s convenient and fun, we’ve compiled our best commuter scooters here for your comparison.

Tips for choosing a scooter: We recommend that scooter shoppers look for quality brands that won’t shake or rattle when you ride. Micro is precision-engineered with quality materials… that means a comfortable ride! Didn’t know comfort was important on a scooter? With only two points of contact (feet on the deck and hand grips) it’s essential to consider how your ride could become uncomfortable. Fear not, Micro is the trusted & quality choice, so you’re already off to a great start!

Want to go fast?

Our top choice for your commute is the Micro Merlin. Our top-of-the-line e-scooter has built-in suspension to make bumpy rides a breeze, recharges in 3 hours, and has a range of roughly 15 miles. Interested in learning more about the Merlin? Check out its top features in our blog post!

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Riding over bumps?

Check out the Flex Air. Popular among commuters in the Northeast, the Flex Air has air-filled tires which make riding over brick, or larger bumps manageable and fun! While the air-filled tires are a major PRO for rides with lots of bumps and cracks, they also act as a CON for smooth sidewalks.  Why?  You will get noticeably less distance-per-kick when riding over smooth pavement on rubber, air-filled tires.  This is due to the added "grip" or traction provided by having a rubber exterior. With rave reviews, the Flex Air could be the perfect scooter for you!

Looking for something middle-of-the-road?

Teens and adults love our Micro Black and Micro White (same scooter, different color!). Our best-selling adult scooters, these easy riders are perfect for your freshly paved trip to the office, or scooting with the kids. They're the 2 scooters pictured above, right. The micro Black & White feature a low-to-the-ground deck which means less bobbing up and down while you kick. You can stand upright the entire time for an effortless ride! Large PU wheels offer unparalleled glide, and our folding mechanism means this scooter is compact enough to store out of the way when needed.

For the tall ones among us

The Micro Suspension is what we like to consider our “big & tall” model. With the largest weight capacity (250 lbs) and highest handle bars (42” from the ground) of any of our scooters, the Suspension is popular among larger guys for good reason. It’s equally suitable for other demographics, as it also has the most suspension of our kick scooters (hence the name)! It’s more robust as well, meaning it will be slightly heavier. It handles bumps the best and allows for a smooth ride no matter where you go. The Suspension is the perfect choice to glide over bumps and handle larger adults!

Wondering about our staff favorite?

In-office our staff can’t get enough of the Micro Flex scooter. This ride comes with a flexible fiberglass and wood composite deck similar to a skateboard. This helps absorb much of the shock from riding, and is our “in-between” model: the Suspension offers a bit more suspension for bumps, and the Micro Black & White offer less. We love the Micro Flex because it’s lightweight, handles bumps well, and is overall super comfortable to ride.

Taking your scooter to school?

For ages 8+ looking to ride to and from school, sports practice, and beyond, we recommend the Micro Sprite. Similar to the model that may pop into your mind when someone says “scooter,” the Sprite is the lightest-weight and most durable of its kind on the market. With no rattle or shake, the Sprite offers a comfortable, smooth ride. Plus, it comes in several bright colors to make sure your personality shines through.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with a Micro when considering your commuter scooter. All of our 2-wheeled scooters are foldable and portable, making your commute just that much easier. If anything goes wrong, feel free to contact us or shop our easy-to-replace parts.

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Congrats on getting one step closer to a healthier commute, both for you and the environment! We have a feeling you’ve got lots of joy-filled scooting memories ahead.