Introducing: Redesigned Micro Luggage 3.0


Take travel to the next level with our redesigned Micro Luggage 3.0! Many months of research, collecting feedback from customers, and applying the latest insight in travel convenience has led us to our most advanced model yet. In this post, we’re walking you through the upgrades to our Micro Luggage, and showing you why it’s first class.




Larger Filling Volume




Carry on more than before! We’ve increased our bag’s storage capacity to help you bring every last thing on your travels. Whether it’s that extra sweater, your laptop, or room for souvenirs from your latest journey, Micro Luggage 3.0 has got you covered. With 33 liters of storage, you’d better find more to pack!


Easy Access Front Pouch




Quickly access your most essential belongings via Micro Luggage 3.0's all-new front pouch. It’s the perfect spot for headphones, passports, or your laptop. It even has an integrated iPad holder! Never dig for your belongings again.


Improved Steering Mechanism




Take on the tightest of turns with the Micro Luggage 3.0! This scooter luggage offers better maneuverability than ever before. We’ve upgraded our deck to have a similar feel to our Maxi Deluxe scooter, offering it more flexibility to weave throughout the airport.


Even More Effortless




Spend less time kicking and more time gliding. Our new design offers a bigger wheel circumference, meaning each kick will take you farther. The Micro Luggage 3.0 is more convenient than ever!


Adjustable Heights for Trolley and Scooter Functions




Designed for the maximum amount of ease, the Micro Luggage 3.0 comes with 2 height settings for trolley & scooter functions. These ergonomic settings allow for the most comfortable use of your luggage.


Time for rapid fire round: Luggage Edition

 Micro Luggage Specs

Dimensions when folded: 620 x 380 x 290 mm

Weight: 6.1 kg

Capacity: 33 liters

Max load: 100 kg (220 lbs)

Deck length: 355 mm

Made for ages: 18+




Whether you’re looking for the most convenient way to check off your 2019 bucket list or looking for an efficient way for you & your briefcase to take on your commute, the Micro Luggage 3.0 can handle it all! Backed by our 2 year warranty, you can count on this scooter suitcase for a first-class experience.


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