Introducing: The All-New Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter!

Mother with children riding Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter

Ready, set, grow! One product to last your child from their first steps to their first year at school. A multi-adaptable ride-on, trike, toddler scooter, and big-kid scooter. Four fun rides in one, plus LED wheels and light-up handlebars to keep your child glowing and growing!

The Micro Mini2Grow Magic LED Scooter is the perfect companion for the first years of your child's life. Thanks to its multifunctionality, it can be used starting from the age of 12 months and will accompany your child until at least the age of six. The 4 stages have been seamlessly designed to be in step with each stage of your child’s growth and development.

Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter Transformation

Stage 1 (Ages 12+ months): Starting as a parent-assist-steered ride-on trike, it’s enjoyable for parents and kids alike! Offering the support of the seat and two foot rest options, young kids will have a stable ride. Plus, the ability to hold the push bar horizontally or vertically adds an additional level of comfort for parents. This means that only one hand is needed for pushing, helping protecting the wrist and muscles.

Stage 2 (Ages 18+ months): The next stage of the Mini2Grow Magic LED Scooter is an independent ride-on trike, as the parent push bar is removed. Children can ride as they please, learning to move and balance on their own, while still supported by the seat. You will see the endless smiles on their faces!

Stage 3 (Ages 24+ months): This stage is your child’s first Mini Micro scooter! With the seat removed, kiddos can begin scooting on their own using the smaller T-bar. They will now build up their stability and master the lean-to-steer mechanism until they are ready to take on stage 4!

Stage 4 (Ages 2-6 years): The final stage is the classic Micro Mini scooter! The T-bar and the raised silicone grip on the deck absorb some of the vibrations while riding, allowing for a smooth Micro glide. Plus, with Magic LED light bulbs, light-up wheels, and an adjustable handlebar, your child will be riding in style as they grow.

Each stage of the Mini2Grow Magic LED Scooter helps the scooter grow with your child, and no tools are required to transition the scooter from one stage to the next. And, thanks to Micro’s non-marking wheels, your kiddo can ride year-round, inside or out. 

Get the gift that grows: Shop the Micro Mini2Grow Magic LED Scooter.

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