Is the Flex Air the Adult Scooter for Me?

Let your inner child flourish. The Micro Kickboard adult scooter line offers a variety of scooters - for a variety of riders! Whether you are commuting or scooting for fun, Micro has the ride for you. Here are some tips on choosing the best one for your scooting goals:

Are you planning on commuting by scooter? Scommuting (see what I did there?) is the new eco-friendly way to travel. Forget filling the gas tank, and hop on your scooter for a nice smooth ride. All Micro Kickboard adult scooters are foldable and lightweight, allowing for easy storage under desks or in trunks. A few things to consider that will affect your scooter purchase decision are: height, weight, scooter-commuterism, and what terrain you'll be riding on. 

For the Commuter: If your commute is long and mainly on paved surfaces, I recommend the Micro White or Micro Black. This scooter has polyeurethane wheels, resulting in a very smooth ride. With a low sitting deck, the Micro Black/White requires very little effort or bending down to propel forward. The Micro Black and Micro White handle bar has a height of 41" from the ground, and has a max weight of 220 pounds. $205

For the Adventurist: For fun, short-distance scooting on rougher terrain, try the Micro Flex Blue - the only Micro scooter with air-filled tires! These tires allow for a smoother ride on unpaved surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, etc. Also, it's name is quite literal, with a flex deck, allowing for bump absorption and more flexing while riding.  The Flex Blue handle bar sits at 41" from the ground and also has a maximum weight load of 220 pounds. $205

For the Fun Guy: The Kickboard Original is a 3-wheeled kickboard style scooter that features lean-to-steering. With a short deck and lean-to-steering, the Kickboard offers a unique, smooth ride. It comes with two steering styles; the traditional t-bar, plus the Micro joystick steering feature. The Kickboard Original offers a handle height of up to 36.5" and a maximum weight load of 220 pounds. $219.99

For the Minimalist: Less is more? If you're looking for a small scooter for quick zips around the neighborhood to keep up with the kids, the Micro Sprite is your new best friend. Strong and lightweight, the Sprite is our best seller for ages 6+. The handle bar, at it's max height, is 37" from the ground, and has a max weight load of 220 pounds. $105

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