Maxi Scooter for kids 5-12

School-aged kids find adventure wherever they go. Traveling the sidewalks, around the neighborhood, to school and back.

For more and more kids, the Maxi is the way to roll.

The four-wheeled Maxi is a kickboard for kids ages 5-12*. It takes scooting to a whole new level, and deserves an introduction all on its own. What really makes this award-winning, almost indestructible scooter unique is the axle steering. It creates a curving and carving action that feels like surfing the sidewalk.

The Maxi offers two styles of steering. The pilot stick, for best curving and carving, and the T-bar for better balance. With the smooth-gliding Maxi, there’s no shake or rattle when you roll.

Not just the latest trend, the Maxi is a classic in the making.

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