Holiday Round Up Gift Guide 2021

Searching for the perfect holiday gift can be a total chore. Will they love it? Will they use it? Is it in budget? We’re taking the guesswork out with Micro’s top gift picks! Because they’re practically guaranteed to bring joy throughout the holidays and for years to come, so tag along as we simplify our top picks for that special someone. 

Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plud


Looking for the best gift for a one year old? The Mini 3in1 Deluxe is a great grow-with-me toy that babies will love from day 1. Beginning as a ride-on, it helps children develop balance and coordination skills as they learn to stand to scoot, eventually transforming into our Mini Deluxe scooter. It’s frequently named among parents’ favorite purchases for their kids!

Limited Edition Mini Deluxe

Help your tiny fashionista stand out from the crowd. Our Mini Deluxe just got a new look with our Limited Edition styles! These scooters for ages 2-5 feature patterned grip tape options like Doodle Dot, Unicorn, Monsters, and Rocket, and highlight all of Micro’s best features. Made tough for years of use, and with an adjustable T-bar for the perfect fit, our Limited Edition Mini Deluxe scooters are our top pick for tiny tots!

Maxi Deluxe Pro

Active kiddos need a ride that can keep up, and the Maxi Deluxe Pro for ages 5-12 is the ticket. Its wide handlebars and fat wheels allow for deeper curving and carving action as they ride. Additionally, our fresh color combos like Grey/Aqua and Rose/Purple make for an awesome, unexpected gift. 

Micro Luggage 3.0

Our favorite gift of the year? Micro Luggage 3.0! The perfect carry-on to make travel easier, this “scootcase” will get plenty of use as travel destinations beckon! Know someone who is always on the lookout for the latest gadget or life hack? The Micro Luggage 3.0 is the way to go. 

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