Micro Madness: Which Celebrity is Scooter Royalty?

We’ve seen celebrities riding our scooters for years now, but 2019 is the year we put them to the test. We took to you, our Micro friends, and had you decide which celebrity is Scooter Royalty in our Micro Madness bracket!


During the months of March and April, we brought Micro Madness to our Instagram Stories and had our viewers choose between scooter-obsessed celebs. Our first round match ups included celebrities like Will + Jayden Smith vs. Jamie Oliver, Peter Dinklage vs. Sarah Jessica Parker, and Karolina Kurkova vs. Alessandra Ambrosio. Check out the full first round bracket below!



Moving onto round two, your votes caused some surprising victories and close calls. We asked our Micro friends for their predictions on the overall winner, and received names like Hugh Jackman, Gwen Stefani, and David Beckham as popular answers! Take a look at Round 2 of our Micro Madness bracket.



Nearing the end of our match ups, we moved into Round 3 of Micro Madness-- the Final Four! Voting between Hugh Jackman and David Beckham, our viewers were even more excited to predict winners. Although voted out of the competition by round 3, we had one Gwen Stefani super fan predicting that her favorite popstar would take the crown. I guess you never know… this is madness!



Finally, moving into our final match up, our Micro friends voted Hugh Jackman and Jessica Alba into the final round. Wondering who made it as King or Queen of Scooter Royalty? Click below to find out!

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