Micro's Best Halloween Costumes 2019

Halloween is right around the corner! We’ve heard from many families that using their Micro scooter to trick-or-treat is a game changer. Not only does it help kids keep up and move quickly from house to house, it also helps to prevent sore feet from a long night of walking!

As an added bonus, you can help incorporate it into your costume. Just be sure to mind your attire for hanging straps or decoration to be sure they don’t get caught in your scooter’s wheels.

We’ve racked our brains and scoured the web to find the most popular and clever kids costumes of 2019. Whether you’re looking for a DIY costume, or pre-packaged costume you can buy online, we’ve got a wide assortment. Keep scrolling for more inspiration to make this the best Halloween yet!

Forky from Toy Story

Disney's newest character (NOT a toy, we know!) comes in the form of a craft. This colorful costume is loads of fun for any age. We paired Forky with a Red Maxi Deluxe, but think an Aqua or Caribbean Blue scooter would also look great. If a DIY costume is more your style, Forky is a great option. You'll just need white pants and a shirt, plus a red cropped top to go over it. Look on Etsy for mask inspiration, or purchase this one directly from their site. Stay visible to passerby's using a Blue Micro Light.




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Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Already have a scooter and wondering which costume to pair with it? You can't get much closer to Tiffany blue than with our Mini Deluxe - Aqua scooter! This is an easy DIY with whatever black dress you have around the house, tiara, sunglasses, and you're set! Take it up a notch with a string of pearls, Holly's unnamed Tabby cat, and a pair of long silky gloves.


breakfast at tiffanys


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Tapatio Hot Sauce

Random? Not if you love hot sauce. Winning Halloween? Absolutley. Break out the fake mustaches and yellow onesie! It's time to get spicy. While this little one could easily cruise on the Mini 3in1 Deluxe, feel free to size up to any red kids scooter relevant to your child's age. Announce your presence with a mild LED Micro Light in red to complete the look.




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Bo Peep from Toy Story

With Toy Story 4 being one of the most popular children's movies of 2019, its new hero Bo Peep has already proven to be a popular costume. We paired her getup with a Pink Maxi Deluxe Scooter, but it could coordinate just as well with a Purple or Blue Micro scooter. Bring along her sheep to collect candy, and don't forget to attach some safety gear like a Micro Scooter Bell.


bo peep


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Gekko from PJ Masks

The perfect real world version of the Gekko-mobile is the Maxi Deluxe - Folding in Petrol Green! With folding super power and unique color scheme, this Micro is top Halloween accessory for the PJ Masks crew. Add some scales and Gekko power by attaching a Green Gekko scooter head for your ride!

pj masks


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Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

The first of her name, this khaleesi settles for nothing less than the best. Thanks to a widely discussed final season, Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes will be out in full force this year. Be the leader of the pack by creating a mini version of the series arguably most iconic character. We paired Dany with our Ice Blue Mini Deluxe (an ode to A Song of Fire and Ice) and gave her a Dragon Scooter Head to take her along her journey. String on a travel coffee cup for maximum pop culture points, as we all know how much the Mother of Dragons loves her lattes!




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We have a feeling that illuminated costumes will be big this year! This Dinosaur getup from Pottery Barn lights up, and would look great with our Navy Maxi Deluxe scooter. Get your "rawr" ready! With plenty of dinosaur accessories for your biggest fan, Micro has lots of items to take your costume to the next level. We love the blue dinosaur Scooter Head or a coordinating scooter bell!




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Care Bears

Another costume that can easily match up with whatever color scooter your kids are riding; dress up as a Care Bear! Invite friends to join in this colorful group costume or ride solo.With a rainbow of colors in the Mini Deluxe, Maxi Deluxe & beyond to choose from, you can be Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, or Grumpy Bear in a snap! Halloween safety is a top priority, so be sure to shop Micro's selection of Scooter Accessories to be seen & heard.

care bears


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Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear

We sense the makings of a perfect group costume! Our final Toy Story recommendation is everyone's favorite space ranger. The Green Mini Deluxe LED scooter is Buzz's perfect ride with its galactic light up wheels. Give your little Buzz a side kick with a Toy Story costume for your pet & deck out their "space ship" with some gear including a Purple Micro Bell and Red Micro Light.

buzz lightyear


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Jasmine from Aladdin

If your child loved Disney's colorful remake of Aladdin, don't make them stay silent. (Get it?) Our Mini Deluxe scooter in Lavender is fit for a princess. We also love the idea of a Yellow or Aqua scooter with this costume! Our accessories add another layer to your costume's story. Shop our Zig Zag Micro Bell for a flash of Magic Carpet vibes, or choose the Black Scooter Bell to use as your own personal genie lamp. To round it out, collect candy with a Raja basket.



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Rocket Ship

Another one of our favorites from Pottery Barn's light-up line, this costume is ideal if your child has become interested in space, aliens, or Area 51. Blast off on the Mini Deluxe LED in Yellow! The Mini Deluxe - Navy would also coordinate well. Stake your claim and fly the flag like astronauts before with a set of USA Scooter Streamers

rocket ship


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Cotton Candy

This adorable DIY by Whippy Cake is perfect for your kiddo with the biggest sweet tooth. We paired this baby costume with one of our newest additions, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus - Pink. With its parental push bar to keep your tiny fluff moving, it's the perfect way to tackle the Halloween sidewalk for active kids. Up the cute factor with a brightly colored Micro Scooter Bell.


cotton candy


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Baby Shark

You're probably singing it in your head already! Perhaps THE song of 2019, Baby Shark is an excellent choice for a pop culture kids costume. We love this DIY by See Kate Sew, but pre-made costumes and additional DIY information can be found online. Our Surfin' Sammy Shark Scooter Head was made for this costume and would pair perfectly with any of our blue scooters. We included our classic Mini Deluxe - Blue. For the final touch, crank up the tunes and bring a portable speaker to blast Baby Shark on repeat.

baby shark


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Anna from Frozen

Still holding on as one of kids' favorite Disney characters, this Anna costume will surely get more than one day of use! We paired Anna with the Maxi Deluxe in Purple. Additional Micro scooter colors we love with this costume are Blue, Pink, Aqua, Mint and even Black! "Let it Go" from house to house using a Pink Micro Light to illuminate your path, and an Olaf basket to collect treats. 


anna frozen


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If your kiddo is into super heroes, this might be the costume for you! We paired Batman with the perfect Batmobile - the Mini Deluxe scooter in Black! Every super hero needs a special piece of equipment. Attach a super Micro Bell (in black, of course!) to your scooter's handle bars for some added flair. To take this costume to the next level, shop a customized hero cape with your kiddo's name!



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Daniel Tiger

Another easy DIY, Daniel Tiger can be easily replicated using clothes you've probably got around the house. Make sure you've got your red sweater or jacket and a pair of tiger ears! Our Mini Deluxe in Ruby Red is the perfect companion for your neighborhood ride. Use an orange Micro Light to heighten your tiger vibes & stay visible!


daniel tiger


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An upgrade on the most classic of costumes, this light-up version (again, from Pottery Barn!) couples well with our lighter scooters. We featured the Maxi Deluxe scooter in Mint, but we also love it with the Maxi Deluxe - Volcano Grey if you're looking for a foldable option. If your child is interested in a makeup-friendly costume, this glittery Ghost would be perfect.



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We hope you found inspiration from this year's edition of Micro Costumes! Did you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments! 

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