Micro's E-Scooter Buying Guide

For those needing to get around with minimal hassle & cost, electric scooters are ideal. Just a fraction of the price of a car or public transport, most quality electric scooters vary between $600 and $1,000. If you’ve ever ridden a Bird, Lime, Spin, or other e-scooter, you know how enjoyable they are and why they offer massive appeal for urban dwellers. They’re convenient, fast, and a ton of fun.




In this buyer’s guide we’re giving you our two cents (backed by 20 years in the scooter biz) on what to look for when buying an electric scooter.




Comfort: there are only 2 points of contact you’ll have with your scooter-- your hands on the handlebars, and your feet on the deck. On a cheaply made e-scooter, your commute can quickly become uncomfortable, as every little bump can transmit through the handlebars and deck. Be sure that your scooter offers a hefty amount of suspension, and thick polyurethane tires to minimize the feel of bumps. Invest in a scooter with ergonomic hand grips, and test your scooter’s T-bar to make sure it feels secure and sturdy, with a minimal amount of give, to make sure your turns are safe and predictable while at cruising speed. We’ve taken every bit of comfort into account when designing the Micro Merlin.




Smart Scooter: Your electric scooter should be able to give you all of the stats about your ride at a glance. Smartphone integration isn’t what you need while you’re mid-ride! Don’t worry about fishing out your phone to tell you you about range, battery life, etc. Find a scooter that offers those features built into the scooter. Between the handles of the Merlin rests a small screen that gives you information on battery, range, total miles traveled, temperature, and more. You’ll also want a scooter with smart front and rear LED lights that turn on automatically. You guessed it, the Merlin had those too.




Battery and Range: One thing that can be confusing for e-scooter shoppers is the estimated range of a scooter. In reality, there are many variables which can dramatically affect the range such as the rider’s height, weight, headwind, terrain, incline, and how much you start and stop your ride. Think about where you’ll be riding your scooter and how many miles it will take you to get there. Take these estimated ranges with a grain of salt, and know that here at Micro we always like to estimate on the conservative side (15 miles per charge).

When thinking about future trips on your e-scooter, imagine if you’ll need to charge your scooter’s battery. If so, how will it charge and how long will it take? Our electric scooter, the Merlin, has a portable charger that offers a full recharge in under 3 hours, or if you’re at 25% battery, it takes less than an hour.







If you’re looking for an Electric Scooter that will go the distance (both literally & figuratively), then go with a model with thick polyurethane tires, suspension, estimated battery and range compatible with your intended use, & a frame that’s designed for the rigors of real life. The Micro Merlin is the result of 4 generations of quality electric scooters, and 20 years in the scooter biz. It comes with a 2 year warranty, making it one of the most dependable, durable, comfortable, not to mention most fun e-scooters that you can buy right now.


If you have any questions regarding Micro’s electric scooters, contact our award-winning customer service.