Micro's Guide to Back to School

The 2019 school year is quickly approaching! As your kiddos enter the next grade level, we’ve got your guide to making this year the best one yet.

Start by stocking up on the best back to school supplies. Not only will your school help you with a school supply list, but you can check out our picks and shop the items below.

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Here’s all of the essentials you’ll need to make this back-to-school season a success:

Maxi Deluxe scooter from Micro Kickboard: Transform the commute to and from school, sports practice, & beyond to make it actually fun! Perfect for school-aged kids, the Maxi scooter is the ideal choice for ages 5-12 to take back-to-school to the next level. Light up your scooter with the Maxi Deluxe LED, or head straight for the Maxi Deluxe - Folding for easy locker storage.

Sturdy shoes from PediPed Footwear: Back to school shoes have never been better! Ultra-comfortable kids shoes that are not only durable but also some of the first footwear to be awarded for healthy foot development. PediPed is the healthy, comfortable, and stylish choice for kids, meaning Jack & Jill will be looking fly on their first day and beyond.

New Backpack from State Bags: What’s better than helping others while purchasing something you were going to get anyway? State Bags doesn’t just offer high-end bags & backpacks in bright, modern designs for kids and adults. They also contribute to important causes by way of profit & product donation and more.

School lunch delivery from Yumble: Loved by picky & adventurous eaters alike, back to school lunches have never been easier than they are with Yumble! No more searching for back to school lunch ideas. With each meal crafted with nutrition in mind, you can rest assured knowing the mac and cheese, empanada, or (Yumblefavorite) chicken parm pops Sadie’s got in her lunch box will be the envy of the cafeteria.

Graphic Tees from Love Bubby: Incorporate the whimsy and sass from Love Bubbyinto your kiddo’s wardrobe for the coming school year! With witty sayings like “vote for me” and “always fierce” printed on these cozy tee’s, you’ll be able to soak up the compliments you get while introducing important conversations to your little ones.

Lunchbox & Labels from Stuck On YouStuck On You was created to celebrate the individuality of every name, bring joy to new parents with unique, timeless products for every child, save families time, energy and money and help them to lead a more organized life.  In addition to a broad offering of labels, the Stuck On You collection includes activity and personalized books, durable and stylish bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and gorgeous gifts for all ages.

Colorful Wardrobe Basics from June & January: Make this school year extra colorful with a few items from June & January! This clothing brand believes that kids are fun, and their clothes should be, too...making them just the thing to add a little fun to the school wardrobe. Beloved by moms & kids nationwide, you’ll be sure to enjoy a little J&J in your life too!


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The giveaway runs from August 14 - 17. Full details in post!

Bonus! Check out these back to school tips for more ideas on how to make this back to school season awesome!

School Shop with a Grocery Pick Up or Delivery Service. Perhaps the most genius back-to-school idea is to have someone else shop for you. Enter services like Target’s Back To School List Assist which allows you to find your school’s supply list by grade on Target’s site, shop it, and have it delivered or ready for pick up. Say adios to lines and hello to convenient school supplies!

Create a Morning Checklist: A new grade brings new responsibility! Make the mornings fun and fuss-free with a framed checklist for your kiddo. They can mark off tasks each morning, and wipe the glass clean for the next day. Print yours here!

Reconnect with other parents: Reach out to the parents of your child’s school friends and offer to be there when needed, and ask for help early on so you know who you can turn to during the school year. Remember, it takes a village!

Schedule a visit to the doctor’s office: Get your child’s physical out of the way before schedules amp up and update any needed vaccinations. This is also a great time to address any social or emotional concerns that may affect the upcoming school year!

Read to your child: Most parents spend time reading to babies and toddlers, but did you know that most school-aged kids (ages 6-11) still enjoy read-aloud time too? Bond with your child and prepare for the school year when you cozy up with a good book together.

What's your favorite back to school hack? Tell us in the comments! Our giveaway ends on August 17th at 12pm, EST so enter before it's too late! 

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