Micro's Top 2017 Gifts that Grow with your Your Toddler

top_2017_tod_gifts (3) (1).pngtop_2017_tod_gifts.pngtop_2017_tod_gifts-3.pngtop_2017_tod_gifts-2.pngtop_2017_tod_gifts-1.pngLooking to give your toddler their first set of wheels this holiday season?  Micro offers a variety of award-winning scooters and ride-ons for your preschooler.  Micro scooters are made with high-quality construction and are safety certified.  Micro is the go-to brand for quality ride-ons for young children - when you buy Micro you can be sure it will be stable, smooth-gliding and long-lasting and fun! Check out our most popular items for ages 12 months to 5 years below.

Mini 3in1 Deluxe

Ages 12 mo - 5 yrs

3in1 blog.jpg

A long lasting gift that offers 3 rides for 3 ages, all in one box?  Check!  The Mini 3in1 is an award-winning ride-on that is a great gift for 12 month olds and up that will last until they are 5  Designed with young children in mind, the Mini 3in1 features soft edges, a stable upright design, and a quiet, smooth-gliding ride.  Plus, the wheels are non marking allowing your child to learn to scoot in the safety of your home.  A perfect gift for 1+ year olds.

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 Mini2Go Deluxe

Ages 18 mo - 5 yrs

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The Mini2Go is a great gift for 18 month olds and up that will last until they are 5! It offers two rides for your growing toddler: a ride-on that converts to a stand-up scooter.  As a ride-on, your toddler will love playing with the Mini2Go drawer, designed for carrying his or her favorite toys.  From age 2 to 3, when children are ready to stand, the Mini2Go converts to a stand-on scooter.  The Mini2Go has lean-to steering which children learn intuitively, developing balance and coordination as they go.  The ideal gift for toddlers on the move.


Ages 18mo+

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Leave the heavy, bulky stroller at home and step out with the portable, lightweight and collapsible, Micro Trike.  Forward-thinking families will love this Swiss-designed, ingenious way of getting around town.  The Trike is easy to maneuver and a breeze to push and steer.  With a sturdy seat, cozy handle grips and an adjustable footrest, your child will be comfortable and entertained while you are out and about.  

Lazy Luggage

Ages 18mo - 4yrslazy luggage 23.jpg

The Lazy Luggage is a fantastic solution to airport travel with young children.  Kids from the ages of 18 months to 4 years can sit comfortably and contentedly on the seat part of the luggage.  No strollers in the airport...yay!  In addition, the Lazy Luggage serves as a carryon.  Easy to maneuver and simple to steer, the Lazy Luggage is a fantastic gift for the traveling family.

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Ages  2-5chopper blog.jpg

The Chopper is an ideal balance bike for toddlers and preschoolers.  This ultra lightweight balance bike has beach-style handlebars that are designed to be easier to reach while limiting the steering radius, providing more stability for young children.  The height adjustable seat and handlebars accommodate sharing amongst siblings.

Mini Deluxe

Ages 2-5mini blog.jpg

Perfect for kindergartners, the Mini Deluxe is the best-rated scooter for children ages 2-5.  Kids love to ride the Mini Deluxe with it’s smooth-gliding wheels, low to the ground deck and stable steering.  The adjustable T-bar accommodates little ones as they grow and the lean to steer design helps children develop balance and coordination.  

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