Micro's Ultimate Guide to Halloween Scooter Safety

We all know that faster transport = more candy, which is why many Micro Friends reach for their scooters when it’s time to trick or treat! Whether you’re scooting around the city or the suburbs, it’s important to take some basic safety measures to ensure fun for the whole family. We’ve made it easy by including our top tips in this blog post. Read on to find out how to keep your Micro kids safe this Halloween!


Halloween Scooter Safety

Bring a scooter this Halloween! Micro scooters have the best range of kids scooters, helping your little ones complete their route throughout your neighborhood. Not to mention they can help hold your candy! (Read more about that below.) We have a quick scooter safety video that you can watch by clicking here. Our line of three-wheeled scooters are perfect for ensuring balance and coordination, and limiting the risk for accidental falls. Browse our selection of kids scooters to find one that matches your costume, or take a look at our video overview to see them in action and get exclusive insight.

Halloween night offers lots of commotion, making it difficult to shout above the noise. Equip your trick or treaters with a bell or honker to help alert you and others! A safe Halloween is one where your child has the ability to be heard.

Send your kids with a trusted adult. Whether you or another adult are planning to go from house to house on Halloween, it's important to make sure your kids aren't trick or treating alone. Don't underestimate how fast your kids will scoot! Keep up with one of our popular scooters for adults.


Wear a helmet. While we always encourage helmets for a safe ride, Halloween offers more crowds than usual, meaning more risk for accidents. We have a large selection of helmets for all ages and interests! You'll be sure to find one that is a perfect match for your costume.


Take a safety quiz. Many Halloween stores offer Halloween safety kits with puzzles and quizzes to help your child remember safety tips. They also frequently come with reflector strips, jokes, and recipes to help you have a safe and fun Halloween.

A bright, visible costume is necessary for a safe Halloween. This is not the time to blend in! We compiled a list of bright, scooter-friendly costumes to help you brainstorm. Check it out! Add to your child's visibility by attaching one of our LED Micro Lights. Our Micro friends especially love them because of the 3 different light settings: constant, flash, and rapid flash. Use the setting that works best for you! Our Mini and and Maxi Deluxe scooters with LED wheels offer a super fun way to stay visible as well.




Every year we hear stories of dangerous objects like needles, razors, and even shards of glass finding their way into children's candy buckets. When your trick or treater gets home, take a moment to inspect their candy. Spread treats on a flat surface to identify and remove anything hazardous.

It's important to think about Halloween safety for pets in addition to your kids. Make sure their costumes fit properly, and keep candy out of their reach.

The last place you want to find yourself dehydrated is halfway across the neighborhood... unless you remembered to bring a water bottle! Easily attach yours to your scooter for easy sipping.

Managing to ride a scooter while holding a pillowcase filled with candy? We've never seen it done. A big perk of scooting this Halloween is that you can remain hands free! Our baskets are an easy option for all scooters. Be careful to only sling your own lightweight bucket over the T bars of three-wheel scooters (like the Mini and Maxi Deluxe), as they may throw other models off balance. Themed backpacks are also a great option!




Put Candy in your basket

Familiarity with your surroundings is essential for a safe Halloween. Check local neighborhood sites and Facebook pages to stay updated on trick or treat hours and road closures. Always use a crosswalk to scoot across the street, and be sure your kiddo gets a practice ride in before the big night.

Use appropriate safety gear. While we recommend helmets for all, consider whether knee pads, elbow pads, or knee sleeves would be helpful for your child. Get creative and incorporate them into your costume, or slip them underneath. Need some inspiration? We compiled a list of this year's top Scooter Friendly Costumes!

What's your number one scooting safety tip? Tell us in the comments! Cheers to all of our Micro Friends celebrating Halloween this year. We wish you a fun and safe evening!

For more Halloween inspiration check out our list of scooter friendly costumes.


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