Ride on the Exclusive Micro Scooter Track at CAMP!

One reporter called it “The Toy Store Designed to Blow You Kid’s Mind.” CAMP Toy Store in New York (+ multiple locations opening nation-wide over the next year) is the place where a curated lineup of toys and experiences make the toy-shopping experience approachable, exciting, and simply put, fun! With surprises around every corner (and usually at kids’ eye level) you’re sure to be smiling your entire visit.

Team Micro made a visit to CAMP on 5th Ave in NYC to see our exclusive scooter track. This elevated track is in the center of CAMP’s Toy Lab: just use your magic hands to open the secret door & enter!

The Micro Kickboard scooter track is elevated off the ground, giving riders a view of the other experiences throughout the store. With multiple scooters to try like the Maxi Deluxe - Foldable, the Mini Deluxe, and Mini 3in1 Deluxe, CAMP “Counselors” are on-site to advise on which model is best for your child’s age.

Take laps around the track and feel the fun of Micro! Each Micro scooter is designed with quality at the forefront, having been invented by Swiss tinkerers, constructed with the very best materials, and tested using rigorous standards. Like other toys at CAMP, Micro Scooters are the iconic brand, guaranteed to delight any child.

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