Staying Safe on an Electric Scooter

It's 2018 and electric scooters are in the spotlight. With the past year introducing us to the joys of e-scooting on a massive scale (thanks to ride-share companies like Bird and Lime) more people than ever are experiencing electric scooters for the first time. The uptick in fun and convenient #scootingadventures has unfortunately come with an increase of scooter-related injuries as well. Here at Micro, we believe scooters make life easier and more fun, but require responsibility. To help decrease accidents, we've come up with our top tips to help you (and others!) stay safe on your electric scooter.

Wear a helmet. We recommend helmets when riding all of our scooters, but they are especially important when riding electric. The Merlin reaches speeds up to 15.5 mph (similar to other electric models), meaning that if you do end up going down, you’ll want something to protect your head!

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Know local laws. In some state you’ll get fined for riding on the sidewalk. In others, as long as your scooter operates below 30 mph, you’re a welcome addition to the bike lane! Still, in other states, you’ll need a driver's license to operate an electric scooter. Check your local DMV site and comply with posted laws to get the most out of your ride.

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Lights are essential. Not all scooters come with lights, and those that do often require you to pull over and manually turn them on and off. On the Merlin, we want safety to be a top priority, which is why our front and rear LED lights turn on automatically in dim lighting. This drastically increases your visibility, and allows you to have a safer experience on the road. *We do not recommend riding your scooter at night.

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Find out how your scooter operates. Before stepping on your scooter, it’s important to read the manual or watch a video so you know how everything works. You may be excited to hit the gas, but if you’re not sure how to brake, things could go downhill very fast. Literally! Be sure you know how to use your scooter and test it out in a safe area before taking to the road.

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Attend to regular scooter maintenance. Your manual should also include tips on scooter maintenance. Look it over, and set reminders for yourself to keep your investment in tip-top shape. From cleaning the wheels to replacing the battery, there are a few things to keep track of to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride every time. If you can't find what you're looking for in the manual, check out our online video library or contact our award-winning customer service! Available from 9am - 5pm EST, we're always happy to help!

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Ride solo. Don’t ride with anybody on your scooter. Your electric scooter has a weight capacity, and pushing it over that limit could cause it to break. The capacity on the Merlin is 220 lbs. Capacity isn’t the only issue with double riding-- adding another person onto your ride causes balance problems. Have concern for your safety and others’ by riding alone.

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Be mindful. Just like any other vehicle on the road, you’ll want to be aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of pedestrians, cars, and bikes, and know local laws. Help others to prepare for your future actions like braking and turning, by signaling when you do so. Scooters with a brake light can help. Remember, you’re not the only one on the road, so be aware of those around you!

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Electric scooters are more popular and fun than ever. Be sure to get the most out of your experience by picking a scooter you can rely on! Our new Merlin is a great choice. Click here to see it in action. Choosing the right scooter and following these safety guidelines will help you stay safe while riding, and ultimately, have more fun!