Top Summer Toys 2019

Summer has arrived! And while there’s plenty of fun to be had playing tag and splashing in puddles, sometimes the right toy can totally transform your summer.

Not that you need a reason to get out and enjoy the summer warmth, but if you do, these summer toys and games will do the trick. Kick the fun up a notch with a Micro Kickboard scooter, kickball set, or play pool.

Find your family’s new summer favorite in our list below!

For ages 1-4

Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe: This ride-on scooter for ages 1-5 is the perfect way to up your baby’s coordination skills this summer. Start in stage 1 and sit to scoot. Around age 2, remove the seat and use the O-bar to stand while scooting. As your child grows, shift to stage 3 and use the adjustable T-bar through age 5. It’s one of the best value toys you’ll ever buy!

Play and Shade Pool: Keep your little one cool and content with this covered baby pool. With plenty of room for fun (and raving reviews!) it’s a great addition to any backyard.

Kids Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker: For toddlers who are movers and shakers, consider this bluetooth speaker. It lights up in several different colors and can help get any summer party started.

Indoor/ Outdoor Play Tunnel and Tent: Bring this play tunnel and tent into the great outdoors in its entirety, or just a portion! It’s perfect for little ones to have fun in a contained area.

Micro Mini Deluxe: This scooter is the gift that keeps on rolling! For ages 2-5, the Micro Mini Deluxe features an adjustable T-bar that grows with your child. Enjoy the warm summer nights with family walks and scooter rides, or pop out the T-bar and bring on your next family vacation!

For ages 5-12

Maxi Deluxe Scooter: This scooter for ages 5-12 is a favorite for kids rolling into summer at full speed! Not to mention parents love how they last virtually forever. Is there a better way to take on summer? We think not!

Kickball Set: Find an empty field and get ready to kick! This kickball set is the perfect way to bring the neighborhood together.

Waterproof Cards: Whether it’s Go Fish by the pool, Slap Jack at the kitchen table, or Crazy Eights by the lake, this waterproof deck of cards has you covered for fun anywhere.

Emoji Blaster Water Guns: The sun is shining, the weather is hot, and it’s time for a water fight! Use these emoji water guns to get the whole family in on the fun.

Micro Sprite: Ages 6+ can’t get enough of this two-wheeled kick scooter. Available in a variety of colors, kids are sure to find their favorite. Foldable, portable, and precision-engineered to eliminate rattle and shake, the Micro Sprite is this summer’s best toy for elementary kids and adults alike!

Walkie Talkies: Whether you’re hiding out from a summer thunderstorm or causing mischief with the neighbors, walkie talkies just feel like summer fun.

Glow Capture The Flag: A warm evening is one of the best parts of summer. With 4.5 stars and nearly 700 reviews, this glowing game will get your whole family up and moving.


There’s no time like summer time and we can’t wait to see how you spend it! Going on an adventure with Micro? Be sure to tag us on Instagram with #microkickboard and @microkickboard.

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