Which Maxi Scooter (ages 5-12) is Right for You?

 Wondering which Micro Maxi scooter is right for your elementary aged kiddo? We’re here to help! We have a few options to choose from, and we’ll run through our favorite features in this post. Ready to find the perfect Maxi for you? Let’s go!

Each of our Maxi scooters is recommended for children ages 5-12, and is safety tested up to 110 lbs. 





Our all-around favorite. Available in our widest variety of colors, the Maxi is a staple among Micro fans and specialty toy stores for its smooth glide and rainbow of color options, and is also available with LED light-up wheels! All of our Maxi scooters feature an anodized stem and silicone grip on the deck to absorb some of the vibration while riding. If you have a kiddo with a particular preference on hue, this could be the way to go!

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Maxi Foldable LED

Two of our fan-favorite features morphed into one scooter! Featuring all of the upgrades of the Maxi, plus motion-activated LED wheels and a folding mechanism for easy transport and storage, the Maxi Foldable LED is perfect for those who are always on the go, or just looking for some awesome bonus features (and you can store it almost anywhere!).


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Maxi Pro LED

Our newest addition to our Maxi lineup, the Maxi Pro LED offers a slightly different style of ride compared to our other Maxis. The Pro’s wide LED wheels and chopper-style handlebars help the scooter achieve more flexibility, especially while turning. This allows for children to curve and carve deeper as they ride. This added “trick” and new color combos come with added stability as well! While all 3-wheeled scooters keep riders more balanced than their 2-wheeled counterparts, the wide wheels and handlebars on the Maxi Pro LED help keep the rider just that much more stable. Perfect for kiddos who are always seeking the next best thing!

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Maxi Original

The classic in our lineup, the Maxi Original is at our most affordable price point for ages 5-12. Looking for the smooth Micro glide, durability, and great customer service without all of the added bells and whistles? The Maxi Original could be the one for you! The Maxi Original has been discontinued, but we do often have some colors available through our Wheel Deals page.


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So, what will it be? No matter which scooter you choose, you can rest assured that your Micro has been crafted with care by our Swiss engineers, and that our customer service team is here for you throughout your 2-year manufacturer's warranty and beyond. If you have any questions or are looking for a more personalized recommendation, click below to contact us!


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