Why Micro?

IMG_7542_2.jpgWe hear it all the time:

"Why should I buy a Micro over "xyz""?

Well, we are here to tell you.

Micro guarantees a quality product that is going to offer years and years of use. Each of our scooters are made with upmost quality materials, care, and precision. We value the longevity of our scooters and the safety of our riders. Every single product we have on the market is designed with a minimalist design and modular construction - meaning every part is replaceable. Sure, over a few years, a brake might need replacing, or a wheel might be worn down from daily scooting to school. Simply order these parts and easily switch them out at home. And voilà - you've got a whole new scooter for a few bucks!


We hear regularly of scooters making it through a whole sibling set in a family, being passed down child after child. These are virtually products that should never be thrown away. Want to keep a scooter but it's the wrong color for the next child in line? No problem. Our decks and hand grips can also be swapped out for little Suzie's favorite color. 


Our unique three wheeled kickboards offer an addictive kind of fun for kiddos - even adults! This two-wheeled alternative allows for children as young as two to hop aboard and get scootin'! Our parent company, Micro-Mobility is a leader in the personal transport industry so we are always coming out with new, innovative ways to cruise around town.

Did I mention our customer serivce? We literally have won awards for stellar customer service. You can be certain you will always be taken care of quickly and with efficiency and we will always make sure your scooter is ready to rock and roll. 


So, sure, Micro might be a bit more of an investment up front, but we guarantee a safe, smooth, durable ride for all ages.

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