Flex Air Scooter (Black)
Flex Air Scooter (Black)
Flex Air Scooter (Black)
Flex Air Scooter (Black)
Flex Air Scooter (Black)

Flex Air
Teen Adult

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  • Air-filled tires make this our smoothest riding and most shock-absorbing scooter to date!
  • Large wheels for easier pushing
  • Compact and foldable design
  • 220 lb weight capacity

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Soft ride

The flex air has a very soft ride; good for bumpy side walks. It's a lot of fun to ride around with my kids on their maxi scooters, but I do feel like I have to work harder to keep up with them. I think I'm going to get an adult kickboard, and I'm sure m...

Very good commuter scooter choice for rainy, wet, gravely cities. I'm lookin' at you Seattle.

If you need/want to get around a less than ideal weather city on a scooter, but don't want to accidentally go slip n' sliding to your death, pick this one.Great control, satisfactory speed, nice flex board. Doesn't flex as much as I anticipated, but that's more 'n likely a good thing.Splash guard is a thoughtfull touch.

Comfortable ride but slow

Very comfortable ride. Air tires slower than I anticipated. Might plan to buy regular wheels

Smooth but slow

I got this scooter because I wanted a smoother ride. It's definitely a lot smoother but it comes at a price - speed. Even on downhills you can't go fast. I expected some loss of speed but not this much. It also means your pushing harder to get uphill. I haven't tried the Suspension Scooter - maybe that's a better bet for $10 more.

Wonderful scooter

I've used this scooter for about 2 weeks now and love it. Way more cushy ride and silent. I've taken it out on fire road trail hikes and even had my 3 yr old stand in front of me to speed us along. It does have more resistance with the rubber wheels with xtra weight but it's. It noticeable when it's just me. I can keep up with my kids on their regular razor scooters. It is heavy to carry though. Folds well and has a nice flex when u hit curbs and bumps. Only wish was that the kickstand was better designed. Tends to fall over if not balanced just so. Was considering buying another to replace the kids razors but it's cost prohibitive.