Eco-Adventure Passport

Eco-Adventure Passport from Micro Kickboard for Earth Day and National Scooter Day 2023

We are going all-out for National Scooter Day this year! From April 22 (Earth Day) through May 19 (National Scooter Day), people across the country have joined us on Eco-Adventures to make your community a better place, all while being entered to win our sweepstakes for a family of scooters.



We have created the Eco-Adventure Passport to inspire your family to get outdoors, and for you to keep track of your Earth Day activities. 

These adventures have extended far past Earth Day, with a whole month of caring for our planet. From Earth Day (April 22nd) to National Scooter Day (May 19th), you can take part in our interactive Eco-Adventure.

Yes, you still have time to participate in these adventures!

Whether you choose to scoot, walk, or hop into some Earth Day activities, keep track with our Eco-Adventure Passport for a chance to win some great prizes! 



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Submit your passport on this page by National Scooter Day (May 19th) to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing! 

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To love our Earth even further, Micro Kickboard will be donating $1 per submitted passport to the non-profit Oceana.*

Download Your Eco-Adventure Passport from Micro Kickboard


Earth Friendly Passport Activities from Micro Kickboard 



Find a new local, state, or national park to explore 🛴 Bring your scooter, have a picnic, and keep it clean! Park Finder, your City website, and your State website are all great resources for finding new parks.


Reduce plastic waste and pollution by “thinking green” when buying 💭 Look to buy reusable items and items that are packaged with recyclable materials. Learn more about the most effective ways to reduce.


Trade your screen time for green time 🌳 Spend at least 30 minutes outdoors and appreciate our wonderful Earth. There are so many ways that you and your kids can explore the environment in your local area, or even your backyard!


Get outside and find some stuff 🔎 Nature is already full of discoveries and all kinds of life, so your search awaits. Getting your scavenger hunt started is super easy!


Allow old items and materials to be made new again ♻️ Set up a recycling system in your home to keep our planet healthy. Learning about the common recyclables makes for a “smooth scooting” recycling experience.


Start your own garden 🌷 Whether you want to plant flowers, vegetables, or just a bush, grow some new life! Gardening is a great hobby and you can get started with 10 easy steps.


Visit a local Farmers Market 🥕. Learn about what is being grown in your area and how you can buy local! You can find local farms and farmers markets right from your phone.


 Download Your Eco-Adventure Passport from Micro Kickboard


About Oceana from Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard chose to support Oceana because their vision and what they do is important for the oceans, which is important to us. 

“Oceana seeks to make our oceans more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world’s marine life.”

Don’t forget! For every Eco-Adventure Passport turned in, we’ll be donating $1 to Oceana.*


ECO Scooters by Micro Kickboard 

You can also shop our Mini Deluxe ECO (for ages 2-5) and Maxi Deluxe ECO (for ages 5-12) to further support the environment. Our “green” scooters are made from recycled fishing nets and plastic as we work to clean up our oceans! Now your little one can explore the planet and protect it, too! 

Share the fun! Tag us in your eco adventures and follow along with

@microkickboard for exciting activities, giveaways, and more!


Download Your Eco-Adventure Passport from Micro Kickboard


Folding your passport is as simple as...


Submit Your Eco Adventure Passport to Micro Kickboard


Good Luck!







Promotion Details: 

To enter the giveaway, you must submit your Eco-Adventure Passport on this webpage by May 19th. Make sure to include accurate contact information. The Grand Prize drawing will take place the week of May 22nd. 

Giveaway Details: Four Grand Prize winners will receive two ECO Scooters for children, and two Micro Classic scooters for adults. Winners will be contacted via email. Eco-Adventure Passport(s) must be submitted by 5/19/2023. The giveaway is open to ages 18+ in the continental US. We will not ask you to click a link or provide sensitive personal information to claim your prize. Good luck!⁠

*Micro Kickboard will donate $1 per submission to Oceana, up to $5,000.


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