Micro Electric Scooters

Due Diligence Agreement

Micro makes premium quality electric scooters, designed for adults  to use for commuting and cruising. As with any motorized vehicle, a certain amount of due diligence is required before purchasing and riding.

In the interest of your safety, we ask that you review and acknowledge the items below.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at e: info@microkickboard.com or t: 888 236 5657.

  • I acknowledge this Micro electric scooter is designed for athletic adults only, not for children.
  • I acknowledge this product should only be used on dry pavement.
  • I acknowledge that Micro recommends wearing a helmet in accordance with local laws
  • I acknowledge this product’s return policy.

Returns may be made within 30 days; If used, you will receive an 80% return credit (refund) and would also need to cover return shipping.

If anything needs to be replaced or repaired, additional charges may apply.