Micro's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The magic of the holiday season is in full swing at Micro Kickboard! It’s our favorite time of year to celebrate: from festive get-togethers to meticulously picked gifts that are sure to make them feel special. 

We’ve curated some of our customer favorites that are at the top of many wish lists this year. Whether it’s a toddler’s top pick to help them learn and grow, or a ride for parents to have fun with the family, you'll find every family member's favorite gift right here.

Tiniest Tots (ages 1-2)


Mini 3in1 Deluxe

  Our much-loved classic for one-year-olds, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe boasts three distinct riding modes to guide your child from ride-on toy to standing scooter. Transforming into our award-winning Mini Deluxe scooter, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe offers incredible value as it grows with children through age 5.


mini 3in1 deluxe holiday gift guide


Toddlers (ages 2-5)

Mini Deluxe LED

  Our bestselling feature - motion-activated LED wheels - takes our award-winning Mini Deluxe scooter to the next level for this holiday season! Now available in our widest array of colors, the Mini Deluxe LED should be at the top of the list for every two year old.


mini deluxe led holiday gift guide



Elementary (ages 5-12) 

Maxi Deluxe LED

  An upgraded classic, the Maxi Deluxe LED with motion activated LED wheels is difficult to beat. This multi-award winner has thousands of five star reviews - and why wouldn’t it?! With Micro’s smooth glide, signature 3-wheeled design, and durable, reliable ride, it’s no wonder the press and families (just like yours) have it at the top of their list.


maxi deluxe led holiday gift guide


Maxi Deluxe Pro

A fresh take on our beloved 3-wheeler for ages 5-12, the Maxi Deluxe Pro combines new wide wheels and chopper-style handlebars. Providing added stability for younger riders, and deeper “curving and carving” action for those who know their way around a Micro, the Maxi Deluxe Pro might just be a new crowd favorite. Available in 4 of our latest color combos!


maxi deluxe pro holiday gift guide


Sprite LED

  Now safety tested for ages 6+! The Sprite LED wows when it comes to both practicality and design. Unlike other brands, there’s no rattle and shake here! Micro’s precision engineering ensures a smooth ride from grips to wheels. And when it comes to style, we’ve got you covered there too! Motion-activated LED wheels in front and back are the perfect compliment to our dazzling color lineup. 


sprite led holiday gift guide micro kickboard



Bigger wheels mean more fun! For those who like to be different, the Rocket offers the classic 2-wheeled scooter ride on “fat wheels,” making our smooth glide even smoother on rough sidewalks. Available in Sky Blue and Black.
rocket scooter holiday gift guide



Corey Funk Signature Chilli Scooter

Ages 6+ have never felt cooler than on the Corey Funk Signature Chilli Scooter! Made by pro scooter champion and YouTuber Corey Funk, this scooter was designed to be the highest spec complete pro scooter for entry-level and intermediate riders. Take your rider to the next level with the Corey Funk Signature Chilli Scooter!


corey funk scooter holiday gift guide


Teens (13+)/Adults

Speed Deluxe

A stylish scooter perfect for teens ages 13 and up with a *little bit of spice,* the Speed Deluxe is available in 3 eye-catching colors. Made to cruise comfortably and in style, its wide handlebars and large wheels contribute to its stability and smooth glide, making every ride feel like a mini vacation. Perfect for keeping up with the kiddos or a cruise around campus, the Speed Deluxe is sure to please!


speed deluxe holiday gift guide micro kickboard


Flex Black

A favorite among adult riders, the Flex Black’s composite deck is what sets it apart. It provides a comfortable ride with a foot-feel that is reminiscent of a skateboard, with a little added “flex” over bumps in the sidewalk. A comfortable ride for all adults, the Flex is not to be missed!


flex holiday gift guide micro kickboard


Kickboard Compact

3-wheeled kickboards are for adults too! Our kickboard fan club loves the Compact as it’s easy to bring on the go (just fold, carry, and store!) and provides two modes of steering with both the joystick and T-bar. 


kickboard compact holiday gift guide


For the Eco-Conscious

ECO Collection

  Micro’s ECO Collection features both a Mini Deluxe and Maxi Deluxe scooter available in our ECO Green colorway. These 3-wheelers are made using ocean plastic that has been captured, recycled, and reimagined into our award-winning collection. The same quality and smooth glide you love from Micro, now with an even bigger impact.


eco scooters holiday gift guide



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