A Family That Scoots Together
A family that scoots together makes memories together.  Everyone can attest that the past year has been full of challenges, and unexpected twists and turns. Like many families, we have had to cancel trips that we were looking forward to and...
Ellerie's Story
Micro Joy: it’s a real thing! We see those huge grins and often hear from our customers that their kids are happiest when they’re scooting. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or to cheer you up on a bad day, we’ve...
Introducing Micro's New Mini ECO and Maxi ECO Scooters!
Ever wondered how you can have fun and do your part to save the planet at the same time? We are thrilled to announce our newest line of scooters, the Micro ECO collection, made from recycled fishing nets. 
Micro's Holiday Wish List
What a year! If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that time spent outdoors with loved ones is a true luxury - and one that may have been a bit underrated in the past. We’re here to help you create lifelong scooting memories with those who matter most. 
Halloween Scooter Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable!)
Now Open! Micro Kickboard Pop-Up at Runway Playa Vista
Comparing 3-Wheeled Kickboards for Adults
Which Micro Mini Scooter is Right for You?
Which Maxi Scooter (ages 5-12) is Right for You?
Screen Free Week
Harmony's Micro Story
Earth Day Activity: Free Printable Scavenger Hunt
Tyler's Micro Story
Scooter Sustainability Series: Part 1
Parker's Micro Story
Parker's Micro Story
Meet Parker! One of our Micro friends with a knack for riding his scooter. Parker has a form of dwarfism, meaning getting around can sometimes be tough. We saw him using his Micro Mini2Go Scooter as a mobility device in the airport, and we had to know more. So, we got to chatting with his mom, Alison about Parker, his scooter, and their family’s day-to-day.
Shades, On! Our Partnership with Ro Sham Bo
As families continue to realize the importance of outdoor play, it’s not uncommon to see parents researching safe sunscreen brands, and tiny tots running around with a coating of white paste in UV-protected bathing suits. But are they wearing sunglasses?
Buying a Warehouse Deals Scooter: Micro's Complete Guide

We’re taking you on a tour of our Warehouse Deals to help you determine 3 things:

  1. 1. What to expect
  2. 2. Why they’re discounted
  3. 3. If a Warehouse Deal scooter is right for you.
2019 Gift Guide Round Up
A scooter from Micro Kickboard is the guaranteed-to-delight gift for kids (+ kids at heart). But don’t just take it from us! Bloggers and publications have curated their tried and true recommendations for the best gifts for kids. Here we’ve compiled the people who can’t stop raving about Micro.
Ride on the Exclusive Micro Scooter Track at CAMP!
One reporter called it “The Toy Store Designed to Blow You Kid’s Mind.” CAMP Toy Store in New York (+ multiple locations opening nation-wide over the next year) is the place where a curated lineup of toys and experiences make the toy-shopping experience approachable, exciting, and simply put, fun! With surprises around every corner (and usually at kids’ eye level) you’re sure to be smiling your entire visit.
How One 2-year-old Learned to Ride the Micro Mini Scooter
Maybe you’ve noticed 2-year-olds riding the Mini at your local park and were surprised to see such little people riding such little scooters. If you have a 2-year-old, it’s only natural to wonder if they also might be ready to ride, and what the learning curve might look like.