Meet the Micro Team

XXXX Avatar Julie Hawksworth
CEO & Founder

You can add Micro Kickboard to a list of companies that includes Apple, Amazon, Google and Disney because our company was also started in a garage! Julie started distributing Micro Mobility products out of her garage back in August of 2007. Since then, she has built and motivated a formidable and customer-centric team. Julie first saw a Micro product while walking her daughter to school when living in London in 2003. Fast forward four years, Julie had moved back stateside and decided to bring the Micro brand with her with some help from Micro HQ in Switzerland and Micro UK. It's history from there. Julie, along with Geoff, runs our West Coast LA Showroom and business office, too.

XXXX Avatar Geoff Hawksworth
CEO & Founder

You better be ready to laugh when Geoff is around. Hailing from "across the pond," Geoff is honestly one of the friendliest and most unforgettable people you'll ever meet. He hasn't always worked in the scooter industry, but he has always worked in business. His business acumen is never taken for granted and he is a key player in everything behind the scenes here at Micro Kickboard.

XXXX Avatar Meghan Kriekaard
General Manager

Where do we even start with Meghan? She is honestly the backbone of the Micro Team and leads our team fearlessly and with a smile. When she isn’t hunting down delicious tamales, Meghan enjoys watching movies and sunsets with her husband. She’s also a serious Disney fan and even got married at Disney World! In 2021, she celebrated a decade working with Micro and her favorite products are in our ECO Collection; their quality and durability can’t be beat and she’s happy to see Micro taking a green initiative.

XXXX Avatar Jon McCarrell

Jon is our numbers guy. You need a number? He’s got it. Another native Michigander, his time outside work is primarily spent with his wife and three children. With a serious love for seafood, it’s not too surprising to learn that Jon also lived on the East Coast for a bit. Since starting at Micro Kickboard in 2016, Jon’s favorite Micro product is the Flex and he is also a serious fan of tabletop games and anything J.R.R. Tolkien-related.

XXXX Avatar Jessica Wilson
National Account Admin & Executive Assistant

Jess is a go-getter in the truest sense of the term and gets more shoutouts than probably anybody else in the office. As a proponent of ocean cleanup, recycling and reducing waste, she was super excited when we started to offer our ECO Collection. Jess was born and raised here in Grand Rapids, MI and started working for Micro Kickboard in 2018. She loves to try new foods, especially any kind of pasta! As the mother of a toddler, she definitely stays busy outside of work, but still loves to travel and collects postcards from all of her trips.

XXXX Avatar David Stebbins
Customer Service Director

Aside from our founders, Geoff and Julie, David is the most tenured Micro Kickboard employee joining the team in 2010. Since then, he has starred in countless Micro videos and has become one of the most knowledgeable scooterheads in the office (or maybe the world). In addition to his seemingly endless Micro scooter knowledge, David is a proud recipient of a Stevie Award, which is basically an Oscar for customer service. David's wife, Meg, also works at Micro Kickboard and they have a cute little doggo name Kozmo together. In his free time, David loves playing basketball and shredding on the guitar with his band.

XXXX Avatar Meg Stebbins
Client Relations Manager

Another stellar member of our Customer Service team, Meg has been working for Micro Kickboard in some capacity since 2013 and currently works closely with our wholesale accounts. Her favorite scooter is the Flex because of its super comfortable deck material. Meg’s kindness and ability to communicate so well are likely from the five years she spent teaching before joining our team. She also loves to cook (the spicier, the better!) and enjoys going to concerts. Growing up, she also enjoyed musical theatre at her high school in Indiana.

XXXX Avatar Liz Garcia
Customer Service All-Star

Liz was an awesome addition to our customer service team in August of 2020! She has many years of customer service experience in a wide range of settings such as financial, medical and retail. She's bilingual, too! With a recent addition to her family, Liz and her husband are now the proud parents to three little girls. When not working, Liz enjoys spending time with her large extended family and she also loves to visit Chicago and the happiest place on Earth: Disney World!

Hannah Osentoski Avatar Hannah Osentoski
Customer Service All-Star

Since she joined our award-winning Customer Service team in September 2021, Hannah will wow you with her P's and Q's! A kind heart with unmatched phone etiquette, Hannah hails from the east side of Michigan and enjoys reading, cooking intricate meals (especially flank steak with Bordelaise sauce!) and spending time with her rescued Yorkie-mix, Teddy. She also has a serious love for horror movies and television shows! Hannah's favorite Micro product is the Suspension Scooter because of its ability to ride so smoothly on sidewalks.

XXXX Avatar Kris Stiffler
Business Development

Kris is definitely the Micro employee that lives the farthest from our office at 5,000+ miles away! Though she normally lives in the West Michigan area, Kris is temporarily living in Albania. She has a pretty cool job, too, as she works with influencers and coordinating product giveaways! She first bought a Maxi scooter prior to being hired by Micro Kickboard (she started here in 2013) and has fond memories of her children spending countless hours scooting around. Kris is also an avid reader and loves YA science fiction and fantasy novels.

Micro Avatar Courtney
Courtney Sheffer
Marketing Director

A recent convert to the world of scooting, Courtney is enjoying re-discovering all her favorite trails by scooter after joining Micro as our Marketing Director. Her favorite Micro Kickboard product is the Mini LED Scooter, because it comes in such great colors, and she’d like to install those LED wheels on everything (They never even need batteries! It’s like magic!). If she’s not busy playing with her dog or with her nose stuck in a book, you’ll find Courtney traveling, playing board games, or making handbell music.

Micro Avatar Justin
Justin McQueen
Marketing Manager

Justin had no hesitation in joining the all-women Marketing Team in early 2024. He grew up in Big Rapids, but has resided in Grand Rapids since attending college. A couple of his favorite things are the Kickboard Monster and a monster ribeye steak. Justin is capricious with hobbies, but will always love to read, write, and play RPG's in both videogame and pen & paper formats. He and his wife, Dana, love to travel, eat, eat some more, and then also eat when they travel. Fun fact: he was once ranked in the Top 150 globally in World of Warcraft.

Sophie Micro Kickboard Sophie Hawksworth
Amazon/eCommerce Marketplace Specialist

Sophie can’t remember a time in her life without Micro scooters! She grew up as what you might call “the original Micro Kickboard kid,” starring as a Micro model in her driveway at the age of 9, and visiting trade shows by the age of 10. She officially joined the Micro team this year, and is excited to put all of her Micro knowledge to good use! Sophie has lived in three different countries, and loves hunting down the best local noodle dish no matter where she is. The Suspension Scooter has been her go-to, but the Speed Deluxe in blue has captured a special place in her heart!

Hannah Micro Kickboard Hannah Barton
Graphic Designer

Hannah is the creative queen of the Marketing Team, joining at the end of 2023. She quickly took home the Speed Deluxe, as it comes in the cutest colors. She comes from the East Side of Michigan and loves board game nights or playing/watching sports. Hannah has never been known to turn down a nice piece of cheesecake or ice cream. Her future plans include adopting a corgi and crocheting a cute outfit for it!

Bailey Micro Kickboard Bailey VanSloten
Digital Marketing Assistant

Joining the Marketing Team in early 2023, Bailey's favorite Micro scooter is the Speed Deluxe, because… well… it’s speedy and smooth! She grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before moving to Grand Rapids for college and is a fan of the Detroit Tigers/Lions & the University of Michigan athletics. Bailey loves to travel, go boating, or go to the beach with her goldendoodle, Niko. She could genuinely eat pizza every day, for every meal, so she is always excited to try a new pizza joint!

Rebecca Micro Kickboard Rebecca Spavone
Accounting Assistant

Rebecca, our numbers girl, joined the Micro Kickboard team in 2023 and she didn’t waste any time buying the Maxi Deluxe Foldable LED for her nephew, as this is her favorite Micro scooter (the wheels light up!). When she’s not doing jigsaw puzzles, reading, or playing board games & video games, she loves finding neat spots to eat. Rebecca has lived in Illinois, North Carolina, Indiana, and Missouri. Now, she has landed in Michigan with her two awesome cats: Professor Cornelius Puddlesworth IV ESQ and Freddy (yes, just Freddy). Fun fact: she shaved her head bald during her senior year of high school!

Mike Krause Avatar Mike Krause
Warehouse Operations Manager

Joining the team in 2021, Mike stepped in quickly to bring his expertise and excellence to our warehouse team. In his free time, Mike loves to fish and is also a one man band: he plays the guitar, bass AND drums. Primarily living in West Michigan, Mike has also spent time in Chicago and has hopes to one day summit Mount Everest. Mike's favorite ride in the office is the Micro Merlin, which has unfortunately been discontinued, but remains a staff favorite.

Tino Shepard Avatar Valentino Shepard
Warehouse Supervisor

Tino has got one infectious smile and he has used it to motivate and lead in our busy warehouse since 2014. Having played college basketball, Tino is still extremely active: he loves sports, working out, swimming, tubing and cooking. Tino started with the Micro Team back in 2014 after having spent some time in California, Missouri, and Mississippi. He's a team player that enjoys some good soul food and his favorite Micro product is the Suspension Scooter, which is made for taller people like him.

James Hunt Avatar James Hunt
Technical Services Manager

Jim is the MAN. Since 2015, he has handled all of our repairs and custom scooter builds, and is also the in-house expert for our Chilli Pro Scooters. A true adventurer at heart, Jim prefers riding the Flex when he isn't checking out new single tracks on his dirtbike. A sucker for homemade biscuits and gravy and anything with an engine, Jim also enjoys camping, kayaking, fishing, grilling, DIY projects, being creative and teaching others.

XXXX Avatar Charles Moore
Warehouse Packing Lead

What up, doe? Charles is our dude from Detroit that joined the Micro Team back in 2016. A big fan of the Suspension Scooter, Charles says its flexibility and durability go unmatched. When not slinging scooters in our warehouse, Charles loves spending time with his family, watching movies, smashing macaroni and cheese and positive vibes in general. You likely wouldn’t guess it, but Charles also enjoys orchestra music and is afraid of heights!

Meet the Micro Team - Stuart
Stuart Zerial
Warehouse Associate

Of course the whole team here at Micro loves scooters, but at heart Stuart is first and foremost a huge animal lover. He joined the Micro Kickboard team in 2021, and his top pick from Micro’s scooter lineup is the Micro Classic: it’s such a versatile scooter for adults and teens (and classic black never goes out of style!). A Grand Rapids native, Stuart enjoys going out with his friends, especially to check out any and all Indian restaurants in the area.

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