Why Micro?

Why Micro Kickboard
Micro Kickboard is the scooter brand all kids love and parents trust. For over two decades, Micro has been combining the best quality materials with Swiss design to create an exceptionally smooth, stable ride that delights both kids and adults.
Known for innovation, Micro has created a wide range of styles, continuously updating and refining them with new colors and features.
Micro continues to ensure our scooters are as strong as possible, yet also lightweight, making them easy to carry, durable enough to pass on to the next child, comfortable enough to ride for miles and miles, and most importantly, FUN!

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The Most Award-Winning Scooters for Kids

(in the World!)

We believe in and stand behind the exceptional quality of Micro’s Mini and Maxi Kickboards. We are grateful when we hear that kid testers and industry experts both seem to agree

In Feb 2023, Wirecutter, the product recommendation service from The New York Times, selected the Maxi as their Best Kids Scooter for the 5th year running. Their review involved children testing 16 different scooters to select the best, as well as a panel of experts from Wirecutter, and input by Pediatricians. 

Also recently, Parents.com named the Mini Deluxe ECO on their list of "Best Toys."


Check out Micro Kickboard's full list of awards here.



Micro Kickboard Lean to Steer Kids Scooters

Unbeatable Rides for Any Age

Many Micro families started their children at age 1 with our sit-down Mini 3in1 scooter that converts to the Mini Deluxe kickboard for ages 2 to 5.

From there, most kids move to the Maxi Deluxe kickboard for ages 5 to 12, while some opt for one of our 2-wheel scooters (also known for their incredibly smooth, stable rides).

We have something for everyone in the family, including parents who want to join in the fun.


Micro scooters are the perfect choice for little ones who want a comfortable ride that will take them far! Our quality construction and rubber hand grips absorb bumps in the road so your kiddo can go miles with ease.

Go ahead, let 'em cruise - they'll be comfy every step of their journey.

Micro Kickboard Comfortable Scooters for Kids
 Micro Kickboard Smooth Glide Scooters

Smooth Glide, Stable Ride

Our super-smooth glide is the main reason kids love to ride Micro. What makes Micro Kickboard scooters sooo stable and smooth-gliding? It’s our extra-thick PU wheels and ABEC 9 Bearings, together with the flexible deck made of reinforced ABS plastic.

This combination means every bump is absorbed, for an unbeatable ride that’s sure to bring smiles all around.

The Kickboard-Style Ride from Micro!

The three-wheel kickboard-style ride, featuring a steering style called "Lean-to-Steer," is a winner both for stability and fun. Micro was the first to apply "Lean-to-Steer" to scooters for kids. That’s right: the Lean-to-Steer started here. 

The "Lean-to-Steer" helps kids develop critical gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. As beginners, kids start by initially going straight, then add gentle turns. As they advance, kids ramp up to curving back and forth, in an action we call "surfing the sidewalk": still stable but also a LOT of fun.

In the process they develop skills they will use throughout life, while also building confidence.

Micro Kickboard Scooters for Kids
 Micro Kickboard Stylish Scooters for Kids

Colors and Styles for the Whole Family

Let your child's imagination take flight with Micro. With endless color combinations and accessories, they can express themselves through play - developing their creativity while looking oh-so-cool!

And, no need to stop there - Micro creates sophisticated styles for adults in elegant neutrals. Check out the Micro Classic in black or white, and smaller adults are guaranteed to love the Clay Speed Deluxe.

Parent Approved

Micro Kickboard Foldable Kids Scooters for Travel

Micro Makes Travel with Kids Easy & Fun

Whether it's a trip to the farmer’s market or an airplane ride to see grandma, Micro’s many foldable scooter designs fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle! Our lightweight designs make it easy to carry Micro scooters anywhere life takes you!

In addition to scooters, Micro creates innovative luggage for kids and adults alike…we focus on compact, easy to maneuver designs that are both stylish and fun for everyone.


What Micro is Doing for a More Sustainable World


Micro Kickboard Award Winning Kids Scooters

Sustainability in Mind

Durable, versatile, stable, fun: these are just a few words that describe our scooters. But did you know we have an ECO line of scooters too?

"Made from recycled fishing nets and plastic, the Mini Deluxe ECO also allows you to take part in keeping plastics out of the oceans. Designed for ages 2–5, it’s meant to last a long time, much like our planet.”



Scooters that Grow with Your Kids

You and your child will get miles and miles (and miles of smiles!) out of your Micro scooters because they grow with  your child.

The t-bars on Micro scooters adjust anywhere from 5" to 12", keeping those hand grips at the perfect riding height for years to come.

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooters Grow With Your Kids Ages 2 to 5


 Micro Kickboard Replaceable Scooter Parts

Replaceable Parts

Did you know? Virtually every part of our scooters is replaceable. Once your child has outgrown it, freshen it up to pass it to a sibling or a pal.

Whether it's a wheel that wears down or just a set of new hand grips, we have replacement parts and easy instructions.

Just like the good ole days, these scooters are built to last!


 Micro Kickboard Swiss Quality

Swiss Quality

Micro scooters are the perfect balance of Swiss precision and stylish design. Quality materials, combined with advanced engineering, give these lightweight rides an exceptionally strong feel - no shake or rattle! Whether you're zipping around your day-to-day errands or heading out for a leisurely ride, Micro ensures smooth sailing from start to finish.

Also important: Micro scooters are exceptionally lightweight, so kids can be in control - the light weight ensures kids can easily pick up and carry their scooters when needed.


Our Swiss-crafted Micro scooters are the epitome of durability! With each one designed to be robust and reliable, they pass our toughest tests with flying colors. So you can rest assured knowing your little rider is having fun while cruising on a smartly-made set of wheels that'll stand up to all their wild adventures.

durable kids scooters micro kickboard
 Micro Kickboard Kids Scooter

Designed so kids are in control

Kids are truly in the driver's seat with the Mini and Maxi scooters! Perfectly designed for young riders, these lightweight yet sturdy rides give kids complete control. With a low-to-the ground deck elevated just an inch, even little ones can get on and off with ease – giving them more confidence to explore their surroundings.