On Saturdays We Scoot by Naomi Davis (Love Taza)

…and go to the farmer’s market (see below.) and get pumpkins (so long as they are mini.)

on saturdays, we eat pancakes for breakfast before going to a baptism for eleanor’s friend (at least on this saturday), and do chores around the apartment and get a little bit of the never ending pile of laundry conquered.

on saturdays, we watch star wars return of the jedi (well, the kids), and sweet home alabama (me.)

on saturdays, we use our scooters as pretend snow boards and give mama mini panic attacks at every other stop light on the upper west side. we also get annoyed with mama when she tries to take a family photo on a street corner. (it was a very big fail.)

on saturdays, we can’t seem to come to agreement on dinner, so half our family eats subway sandwiches and the other half, salads from sweet green. (pick your battles.)

on saturdays, we do a lot of other stuff, too. but mostly hold onto the memories of the cuddles on the sofa, the big cardboard box turned into a puppet show stage/ rocket ship and relish in the glorious smell of a bleached bathroom because that means it’s CLEAN.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  some photos from ours below…

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