Shades, On! Our Partnership with Ro Sham Bo

As families continue to realize the importance of outdoor play, it’s not uncommon to see parents researching safe sunscreen brands, and tiny tots running around with a coating of white paste in UV-protected bathing suits. But are they wearing sunglasses?

Oftentimes, parents don’t realize that, though they’re applying sunscreen to protect their family’s skin, kids’ eyes are still exposed to harmful rays. San-Diego based Ro Sham Bo is one of the companies making family eye health a priority.

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Children under age 10 are at a high risk for skin and eye damage from ultraviolet radiation (UVR), the most dangerous sun rays, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. UVR is responsible for many eye-related issues, including “snow blindness,” cataracts, macular degeneration and eye cancer. (source)

To help protect children and get ahead of these issues, companies like family-owned Ro Sham Bo create sunglasses that address these health items while keeping style in mind. Not to mention, these sunglasses are virtually indestructible! Owner, Scott sums up Ro Sham Bo perfectly. We’ll let him take it from here:

"Here’s the simple problem we solved: 50% of the lifetime UV damage done to your eyes occurs before the age of 10 years old. Despite that, the kids eyewear industry is full of cheap, breakable, frankly, ugly stuff. We solved that by creating a line of unbreakable sunglasses that can [be flexed, bent, twisted, you name it!] Full damage and lens replacement guarantee, so light they float, certified safe for baby, BPA free, lead free, all that stuff. You can drive over these in your car and chances are they’ll be fine. Trust me, we’ve done it."

Thanks, Scott! We recognize that it’s often difficult for parents to get kids off their Micro’s. And a sunny day is perfect for a scoot! With what we’re learning about keeping young ones’ eyes safe, we’ve partnered with Ro Sham Bo for the week to give away (1) free pair of indestructible sunglasses with every deluxe scooter purchase! Consider it our Valentine’s Day gift to you.

Once you purchase your deluxe scooter, you’ll receive an e-mail within 48 hours with a personalized code. Simply use that code when you check out at and we’ll cover the cost of your new shades!

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Images courtesy of Cherishing Life's Sprinkles

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