Think Green with Micro


Scooting is the ultimate eco-friendly way to travel. You should feel good as a Micro rider that you are keeping cars off the road and preserving the air we breathe. Now, you can feel good for one more reason.


Cardboard is the single largest component of municipal solid waste around the world. At Micro, we are hoping to do our part by introducing our 'Reduce to the Max' ideology to our shipping department. 'Reduce to the Max' is a minimalist design philosophy which helps us create more sustainable products - we use the best materials but in the least quantity, making our products as strong yet as lightweight as possible.

In keeping with 'Reduce to the Max', and in honor of Earth day approaching, we are reducing our waste by launching Think Green.

Purchase a Think Green scooter and it will ship in one brown recyclable shipping box, rather than in two boxes. Typically, our products ship in a recyclable brown box within a non-recyclable display box. Help us reduce waste at Micro and at home, save the Earth, one cardboard box at a time!  

Our Think Green scooters will initially be available only in our top-selling Maxi Pink and Maxi Blue (T-bar), at $119.99 ($10 off). 

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