What Scooter Should My 4-year-old Ride?

Choosing a scooter for a 4-year-old can be a tough decision...The Micro Mini is designed and safety-tested for ages 3-5, while the Micro Maxi is designed and safety-tested for ages 5-12. If you are finding yourself asking "what scooter should my 4-year-old ride?", check out these Micro-approved scooter suggestions.

If your child weighs at least 35 pounds, I recommend bumping up to the Maxi Micro. For parents making a new purchase, children ages 4 (and older) is normally the age where we start recommending the Maxi over the Mini, for these simple reasons:

  • At (4) years of age, a child would likely have no more than 1-2 years of use out of the Mini before simply becoming too tall and/or heavy to safely use the scooter.
  • 42" in height is typically the size when the child begins having to lean down a bit in order to grab the Mini's handlebars; the Mini has a weight limit of 44 pounds.
  • The Maxi starts out at the same height as a Mini, but is adjustable by up to a full foot taller - which significantly lengthens the life span of the Maxi.
  • Typically, the child will be ale to use the Maxi throughout elementary school. Additionally, the Maxi can hold much more weight than the Mini, with a max load of 110 pounds.
  • There is no additional "skill" that would be required for your kiddo to start out with the Maxi - as the child would already be big enough to comfortably harness the Maxi.

While the Maxi is more of an up front investment, the Maxi more than doubles in years of potential use over the Mini.

If you have any further questions about which scooter would be best for your child, please contact Micro Kickboard at info@microkickboard.com, or by phone 888-236-5657 M-F 8am-5pm EST.

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