2-wheeled or 3-wheeled? Tips for choosing an Adult Scooter

Scooting is no longer a childhood past time. Micro Kickboard has scooters for ages 1-100, and we encourage adults to scoot, as it's great exercise, a convenient mode of transportation, and perfect for being included in a child's scooting adventures. However, choosing a scooter can be hard! 

Here are some tips to help you decide between a 2-wheeled traditional adult scooter, or a 3-wheeled kickboard style adult scooter.


The 3-wheeled "Kickboard" route:

Going with a 3-wheeler, affectionately known here as a "kickboard", will offer you the greatest stability. If you can imagine, a 3-wheeled kickboard can stand on its own without the aid of a kickstand; conversely, a scooter (2-wheeled) cannot. It is very easy to "stay aboard" a kickboard and the lean-to-steer steering is a fun alternative to the traditional scooter!

This being said, our kickboards are heavier and bulkier than their 2-wheeled counterparts; they will take up more space under one's arm when folded down than our slimmer, smaller 2-wheelers. Also, due to the kickboard's 3-wheel design, riders cannot make as sharp of turns on a kickboard as they can on a scooter.

Adults riding Micro Kickboard Scooters

Overall, the main "trade-off " here is stability and ease of ride versus the portability of the scooter itself.

If a 3-wheeled kickboard sounds like your cup of tea, we recommend the Kickboard Compact is perfect for smaller adults, the Kickboard Original 2.0 is best for the average adult, and the Kickboard Monster is more suited for larger adults.


The 2-wheeled "Scooter" route:

Going with a 2-wheeler, known here as a "scooter", will offer you the most portability and convenience. Our 2-wheelers are much lighter and smaller than their 3-wheeled counterparts.

As hinted upon earlier, our 2-wheelers require more rider balance; this comes with the benefit of being able to make sharper, more "athletic" turns and an increase in overall maneuverability. When folded up, a scooter will take up about half as much space as a kickboard and generally weigh about 40% less.

Micro Classic Scooters

If your scooting plans include cruising through the neighborhood, to work, or on the way to school to keep up with the kiddos, we recommend a 2-wheeled ride.

Should you go the 2-wheeled route, we highly recommend the Micro Classic and the Speed Deluxe. For commuting, taller adults, or simply a more robust scooter, check out our latest adult model, the Suspension.

If you are worried about ordering a product and having it not be a "good fit," we do have a return policy:

Customers can return any of our products with a flat rate of $10 within the first (30) days of ownership, provided the merchandise has not been used outside and its wheels do not show any outdoor wear. We recommend trying our product indoors first - this allows you to ride the product without voiding a return.

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