2019 Gift Guide Round Up

A scooter from Micro Kickboard is the guaranteed-to-delight gift for kids (+ kids at heart). But don’t just take it from us! Bloggers and publications have curated their tried and true recommendations for the best gifts for kids. Here we’ve compiled the people who can’t stop raving about Micro.

Note: none of these posts have been sponsored by Micro

Arin Solange - Arin features the Micro Mini Deluxe and Maxi Deluxe scooters in her gift guides for children. She has several guides for ages 2-6, all featuring Micro! Arin works to curate a list of unique gift ideas for her followers, beyond what can be found on department store shelves. We’re thrilled that she & her kiddos love their scooters + accessories!

MamaPapaBubba - Jen from MamaPapaBubba shares that her kids started riding on the Micro Mini 3in1 scooter, for ages 1-5. Since, they’ve been riding Micro all around their city! Jen features several of our 3-wheeled scooters in gift guide format on her Amazon storefront. That’s right! You can get Micro on Amazon with 2-day shipping.

Kacie Gaston - Kacie featured the Mini Deluxe on her gift guides for toddler girls and boys. She says, through lots of trial and error, she’s put together the toys her kids actually play with. We’re glad to be on her list!

Clark and Stone - Our friend Ceta over at Clark and Stone has been letting us know how much her fam loves Micro for a while now. Her two boys seemingly ride them everywhere in their hometown of Chicago. Find them on her list of the 2019 best gifts for kids.

Paige Christensen - Each kiddo in the Christensen fam has a super fun Micro to ride around the neighborhood (+ one for mom and dad to share!) Here’s what Paige had to say about Micro in her Boys + Girls Holiday Gift Guide; “Milo and Ruckus could play on these scooters all day if I’d let them! They have so much fun on them. By far my best purchase yet!”

Wild Bum - While all Micro products do seem to have a sort of “cult following,” the Micro Luggage 3.0 is one of those “didn’t know I needed it” items. Totally transforming the way that you travel, our scooter-luggage hybrid allows you to make tight connections by scooting through the airport. Essential for any frequent traveler!

Tales of Me and the Husband - Bridget gives her top picks for kids in her Kids’ Gift Guide. We love her curated list of quality, classic items for active kiddos. Included among sleeping bags, wooden toys, and one of our favorite brands, Walker Family Goods, this is one of our favorite guides we’ve come across this year. Bridget says “This is one of the greatest items I’ve ever purchased for my kids.
Let Our Light Shine - Kari includes our Mini Original scooter in her gift guide for toddlers, and had nothing short of amazing things to say - “The Micro Mini scooter has probably been our best toy investment we’ve made over the years. Both kids love it and want to ride ALL the time. In my years as a nanny, I have seen multiple three wheel scooters like this, and this one is by far the best quality I’ve seen. I wanted one that had the two wheels on the front as opposed to the back, because then they won’t hit their ankles on back wheels. The turn radius is fantastic on these. Very highly recommend to everyone.”

Bay Area Moms - Ultra-popular in cities, it’s no wonder the Bay Area Moms group chose Micro Scooters to be among the ranks with their top gifts of the season. They’ve recommended gifts for a wide age range, so keep a look out for their picks for active and outdoor play!

New York Family
 - We love New York Family’s thinking when they compiled their list of the Best Gifts for Big Kids. They say, “From age 5 on, kids are pretty serious regarding their toy list… For parents, it is also our job to give them gifts that they may not have known they wanted but end up loving because parents know best, right?” Our Maxi Deluxe was a no brainer, as it’s perfect for kids on-the-go.

Little Lights + Co
 - Such a lovely lineup here! The thought behind these gifts was to “support small shops and search for a few unique gifts! Maybe I’m extra sentimental - but I love finding sweet little heirloom type gifts that are special now, and things that could also possibly be passed on to the next generation.” Featuring our lineup of scooters for ages 1-12, Little Lights + Co has us feeling the Micro love.

Thrifty Littles 
- The Mini Deluxe (ages 2-5) is featured in Thrifty Littles 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers! Here’s why they love it: “The best scooter for kids! It has a three-wheel design and smooth-gliding wheels, plus the unique lean-to-steer design makes it easy for kids to learn how to ride.” 5 stars!

City Country Beach
 - This guide includes items that are both on Jaimee’s kids’ wish lists this year and items they love to use now. After living the city, country, then beach life, we trust that Jaimee’s fam loves using fun essentials.

It is the best compliment knowing that so many Micro friends recommend our products to have a coveted space under the tree. While the awards, accolades, and 5-star reviews mean a lot to us, the feedback we get from families recommending our products to friends, and making Micro the "big gift" of the season make our heart swell! From all of our team, we wish you the happiest holidays and all of the joy the the season has to offer.



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