7 Labor Day Weekend Family Activities


Labor Day weekend is always an exciting time. It marks the end of fun-filled, sun-filled summers and the beginning of a new school year! What better time to make memories with the family? Aside from cookouts and beach trips, here are some activities to ensure you're making the best of your 3-day weekend with the fam!


1. Get out and scoot!

Family scooting is the best kind of scooting. Micro Kickboard makes scooters for all ages, 0-99! Made with high-quality construction, Micro scooters are lightweight and foldable, so they are great for on-the-go! Plan a day trip to the beach, cruise around town, or even scoot on some trails if you're feeling a little more adventurous. 

Enter code "LABORDAY" at checkout on www.microkickboard.com for free shipping through Labor Day!




2. Camp Out!

Camping is a Labor Day must. If you're not heading to a campground, surprise your kiddos with a backyard camp site! Set up the tent, cook s'mores over the fire, and tell stories by lantern-light! Kiddie pools are also great for throwing blankets and pillows in for stargazing. We promise, they will love it, and so will you.




3. Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy nature and encourage your babes to get outside with a scavenger hunt! Make a list and include items like pinecones, animals, or colors to find outdoors. It's a great way to encourage exercise and explore! Even more fun? Take your scooter!





4. Host a Backyard Drive-in!

Set up your own drive in by creating "cars" out of cardboard boxes, set up a projector and enjoy. Allow the kiddos to paint their cars earlier in the day to make it an all-day affair! Once the movie begins, throw in some snacks, popcorn, and flashlights for extra fun. Invite the neighbors, too. Click here to find out how to set up a DIY movie screen!




5. DIY Splash Pad / Water Fun

Enjoy the perks of a splash pad without all the packing up, driving, and entrance fees! Enjoy some water fun with these 3 fun tips:

  1. Hang a hose from a tree and insert nozzle into a 2-liter bottle. Cut small holes along the bottom of the bottle to create a fun, water-spraying fountain for the kiddos! (Let's be honest, for you, too.)
  2. Soak kitchen sponges in a bucket of water for an easy, re-usable version of a water balloon fight or water dodge ball!
  3. Hang up an old sheet on a clothesline and fill squirt guns with colored water for a fun, art-insipired activity!




6. Enjoy some ice cream!

Visit a local ice cream shop. Summer is fleeting, and so are the tasty treats of the season! Enjoy what may be your last opportunity to enjoy a cone in the sun.




7. Try Letterboxing

This new, intriguing outdoor activity is taking the US by storm. Grab the kiddos and go! Letterboxing is quite literally a treasure hunt (sortof geocaching, without the compass) for weatherproof boxes. Visit letterboxing.org for clues on where to find one of the 90,000 boxes in the US. Once you find one, you will find a rubber stamp inside that you can stamp in your log book. Bring along your own personal unique stamp to then stamp in the letterbox log book to show that you were there. Trè cool!




Enjoy your family, and enjoy making memories this weekend!





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