A Family That Scoots Together

Guest Post from Felicia Wong, @everydayadventurefam

A family that scoots together makes memories together. 

As a two physician household, we have been thoughtful and careful about recreating responsibly. One of our favorite activities to do as a family has been to scoot around our neighborhood, as well as our local parks and campgrounds.

Our boys have enjoyed their Micro Kickboard scooters since they were toddlers. We carefully researched and chose Micro Kickboard scooters because we felt they were the most sturdy and safe option for our young children. Our boys started out on the Mini 3in1 Deluxe scooters when they were just over one year old, and now are whizzing around on their Maxi Deluxe LED scooters. As parents, we love the LED-lighted wheel feature because it gives them extra visibility as the sun starts to set.  

After chasing the boys around, somewhat awkwardly, on our bikes or by foot, my husband and I finally got our own adult scooters recently! I have the Micro Classic in White, and my husband Jason has the Metropolitan Deluxe. Now we look forward to scooting together as a family! These scooters are so solid and well made, even Grandpa felt confident taking it out for a spin. 

We were asked by the team at Micro Kickboard to share "What is your #1 tip for families looking for places to get out and about in their state?

I believe that adventure can be found anywhere, every day. It's less about where you go, and more about being intentional about how you spend time together with your family - preferably off devices, and outside. We have had a lot of fun at home over the past year - making tie dye shirts, baking and cooking together, camping in the living room and backyard, and of course, scooting around!

However, I understand the desire to get out for a change of scenery, from time to time. We have safely and thoughtfully enjoyed local and road trips to outdoor spaces as most parks and campgrounds are open, camping trips, and farm visits. Here's a great resource to help prepare for outingsWe always follow these guidelines, and share more tips on our blog and Instagram.

-Felicia Wong, @everydayadventurefam

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