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We understand the need to research brands before buying - we all do it. Fortunately, we have worked with many influencers who are eager to share their Micro scooter experiences with you. Some of them have been riding Micro for years, and some only recently introduced Micro to their families. Our influencers have kids of all different ages and backgrounds, and we hope you find the perspectives that will help you decide if Micro works for your family, and which models your kiddos will love!

There’s not a better word about Micro than from the families who love Micro the most. We have collaborated with many influencers who, through their experiences with their Micro scooters, we have watched fall in love with Micro.

Keep reading to learn why many families choose Micro, and what they have to say, in their own words! You’ll hear from @britt_horton, @andreabochoa, @lifewithtwinstwice, and @twotolove_bairantwins


Brittany is a blogger and mother to Harlyn, Henley, and Pax. When Britt and her family first moved into their house, she imagined her family spending lots of time outside, on the porch, and in the yard. She now watches her kiddos spend hours riding up and down the driveway on their Micro scooters. 

The girls are loving their new Cruiser LED Neochrome scooters, while Pax has been zooming around on his Maxi LED scooter. Britt believes Micro scooters are the perfect  gift, and says “my kids love these & say other scooters don’t even compare.” 



She loves that Micro has “different sizes & styles for any age,” so any youngster can enjoy the ride.

You can follow along with Brittany and her family’s everyday life & everyday craziness on Instagram: @britt_horton.  


Andrea is a digital creator and mama to Scout, River, and Sailor. Andrea became a Micro lover once she realized that “the quality is unmatched— they’re lightweight, durable, and great for kids of all experience levels.”


Nothing is better than your kiddos spending quality time together, and Micro scooters are one of the best ways to make that happen! She was so excited that Micro “even offers a scooter for Sailor! She’s obsessed with the Mini 3in1 and so happy she can finally ride around with her siblings on a scooter of her own.” Scout has fallen in love with her Maxi LED and River is living it up on his Mini Foldable LED

You can find Andrea and her family adventures on Instagram: @andreabochoa.


Kyrie is a mom to not one, but TWO sets of twins (yes, the odds are very slim)! This family has been Micro fans for years, and now that the two littles are ready to start scooting, Kyrie couldn’t wait to get the youngest twins their own new Micro scooters. 


Only the joys of scooting with Micro can bring twins even closer, and these twins “were so thrilled to open them and went right outside to ride together!” The older girls are enjoying their new Maxi Foldable LEDs while the littles are rocking the Mini Foldable LEDs!

The Foldable scooters are great for families that take their Micro scooters with them when they travel or want to store their scooters compactly in a closet or car!

Keep up with Kyrie and her family of twins x2 on Instagram: @lifewithtwinstwice.


AJ is a mama of three, including her twin boys and baby girl. Her twins just got their first “big kid” Micro scooters and they have already been putting them to good use! Plus, they’re riding in style with the Cruiser Neochrome LED.


AJ said the boys were so excited that they “went straight to our favorite park for a ride” and that we can “expect to see (them) happily scooting around!”

The Cruiser Neochrome scooter is super popular for kids ages 6+ who want bigger wheels for a smoother, faster ride, and the wide handlebars for a comfortable stance. Plus, the neochrome finish and LED wheels make for a stylish ride! For something a little more lightweight, check out our Sprite scooters!


You can join AJ and her family adventure on Instagram: @twotolove_bairantwins.

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