Assemble & Disassemble Your Mini Scooter

Looking to assemble or disassemble your Micro Mini Original scooter? It’s simple! Here’s our how-to guide.

1. Start by removing your Mini Kickboard from the box.

2. Find the red locking pin

3. Press in the red pin as you insert the T-bar to the scooter’s base. (It is sometimes easier to use the interior’s opening to push in the pin, as demonstrated in the video.)

4. Check to make sure the steering mechanism is secure in the base and that the red locking pin has locked.

5. You’re ready to ride!

The T-bar on the Mini or Maxi can easily be removed to be tucked away at school, or to pack up for a trip.

  1. Press the red plastic locking pin into the base
  2. Give the T-bar a strong tug
  3. Voila!

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