Best Gifts for a 13-Year-Old

Do you have an active teen on your hands? If so, you’re in the right place to find the perfect birthday gifts or holiday gifts for them. Since they’re officially teens, they can now transition into teen/adult Micro Scooters (don’t worry, they’re not actually adults yet)! 

Check out these ideal Micro scooters for the thirteen-year-old in your life.

Speed Deluxe Scooter

Teens riding Micro Speed Deluxe Scooter

A stylish scooter perfect for teens ages 13 and up, the Speed Deluxe is available in 3 eye-catching colors. Made to cruise comfortably and in style, its wide handlebars and large wheels contribute to its stability and smooth glide, making every ride feel like a mini vacation. 

Perfect for scooting to school or around town, the Speed Deluxe is sure to please!

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Rocket Scooter

Micro Rocket Scooter

The Rocket, recommended for ages eight up through teens, is distinguished by its extra-wide wheels (front and back), offering more wheel contact with the ground. Sometimes referred to as "road holding," it means the Micro Rocket can handle turns and curves like a champ.

Your teen will be ready to lean into corners like a pro on this enjoyable and unique Micro ride.

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Kickboard Compact Scooter

Girl riding Micro Kickboard Compact Scooter

Perfect for young teens or small adults, the Kickboard Compact is our “grown up” version of the 3-wheeled scooter. With all of the same great Micro features (lean-to-steer design, smooth glide, & grippy footboard), the Kickboard Compact has a slightly bigger deck, and a higher weight capacity. 

Available in Black and Silver, it also comes with both the joystick and handlebar option. The Kickboard Compact is the smallest of our adult kickboards, perfect for teens and tweens ready to take the leap onto an adult ride.

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Chilli Archie Cole Scooter

Chilli Archie Cole Scooter

Created by pro scooter rider Archie Cole, the Archie Cole scooter is designed for riders ages 13 and up who demand the best.

Featuring modifications to the headtube (which has been cut out), a new fork, slim 2-bolt M8 clamp, superlight aluminum T-bar, and Spider HIC compression system, the Archie Cole is the ultimate scooter for experienced riders who want to take their skills to the next level.

Make sure you peek under the deck for the custom artwork!

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Scooter Accessories

Teens with Micro Scooters

To add some boost to their ride, snag some of our chic and functional accessories.

Our Scooter Carry Strap allows your child to take their Micro scooter wherever they please! And, while they’re on the go, they can take along our Cinch Gym Bag so they have everything they need to scoot about their day. 

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