Best Ride On Toys: Mini 3in1 Deluxe by Two Wheeling Tots

We've been testing it for quite a while now because we were a little unsure of it at first. My daughter didn't "get it" in the beginning, but once she figured out she could raise her feet up and glide, she's screaming "wheeeee!" all over the house. It's adorable.

Pretty much every other ride-on toy out there is much wider, causing kids to hit their legs as they run and push off the ground. The Mini 3-in-1 is narrow enough that that doesn't happen, which is why my daughter is actually able to glide successfully. What a fantastic preparation for the joys of a balance bike.

FITS KIDS: Toddlers ages 12-months to 3-years (but best for 18-months+)

FEATURES: 3 easy-rolling wheels for gliding, 2 seat heights, converts to a scooter

With the Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe, our favorite scooter company converted their best selling scooter (the Micro Mini), into a smaller ride-on toy for toddlers. Essentially a scooter with a seat attached (that can later be removed), the Mini 3-in-1 rolls smooth and easy like a scooter, and offered the most “fun factor” for our toddler testers.

While the lean-to-turn maneuvering of the scooter is too complicated for toddlers in ride-on-toy mode, toddlers 18-months+ will quickly learn to pick up the Mini to turn, and then glide all over the house screaming “whee!!!!”. (Trust us, it’s adorable!) We love that the wheels allow kids to glide quickly, but are slower than the sometimes nerve-wracking other toddler scooters.

The Mini’s narrow body allows kids to push off the ground and then lift their feet to glide. This feature is a great building block for toddlers who will then transition to a balance bike, where gliding is also the end goal.


  • 3 easy-rolling wheels roll fast and smooth
  • 2 seat heights to better accommodate toddlers as they grow
  • Narrow body prevents toddlers from hitting their legs on the wheels as they stride
  • Easily glides for more fun play as toddlers get older and more adventurous
  • Higher, round handlebar is easy for little ones to grab
  • Converts to a scooter


  • Steeper learning curve (but more fun when toddlers finally “get it”)
  • Difficult to maneuver for very young toddlers


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