Best Scooter for a 1 year old? The Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe

Like the name suggests, the Mini 3in1 Deluxe offers 3 rides for 3 ages, all in one box. Designed by Swiss company Micro for the evolving toddler, the Mini 3in1 starts as a ride-on for one year olds. It can then be transformed into a traditional Mini scooter. This can be ridden by children up to age 5.


During Stage 1, your child rides in a seated position. You can raise the seat as your child grows. 

When you’re ready for Stage 2, simply remove the seat. You can then use the shorter stick, known as the O-bar. This allows children to ride when standing.

At Stage 3, remove the O-bar and insert the T-bar. This transforms the 3in1 into a traditional Mini Deluxe scooter: a global phenomenon ridden by countless kiddos around the world.

We describe the 3in1 as the perfect gift for a one-year-old.

Micro designed the 3in1 to be exceptionally strong, yet lightweight with child-friendly features such as rounded edges and soft hand grips.

The three-wheel design with two wheels in front is what makes the 3in1 stable enough for even the youngest of children. It also helps teach balance and coordination.

The exceptional quality means that your child can ride it daily, year after year, as your child evolves.

Every part on the Mini 3in1 is replaceable. That means that it’s very easy to replace a grip or a wheel that is worn. No need to throw the scooter away!

Micro’s award-winning customer service and full roster of replacement parts mean that your 3in1 can stay on the road for years. We’re sure the Mini 3in1 will be your child’s favorite gift!

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