Camping Fun with Micro

‘Tis the season for camping! This summer season, go camping with Micro. Whether you’re headed to a local campground, a State Park, or a National Park, Micro scooters are the perfect camping buddy!

Two kids camping with Micro Scooters

All Micro scooters are foldable or have a removable T-bar, making them compactable and super easy to pack! Plus, they’re an excellent way for kids to have fun and get exercise at the campground or when visiting State/National Parks.

While waiting around for the next fishing outing, kayaking trip, or hiking excursion, the kiddos can go for a scoot on their Micro scooter. Is there a nearby ice cream shop, souvenir shop, or park? Scoot on over!

For some extra fun, set up a scooter-friendly scavenger hunt or obstacle course at the campground and the kids will be busy for hours. Or, just let their imaginations run wild!

Shop for a Mini scooter (ages 2-5), Maxi scooter (ages 5-12), or Micro Classic (teen/adult) for your next camping trip!

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