Customize Your Ride with Handlebar Grips!

Bring new life to your scooter and make it totally your own with one simple swap: Add new grips

Made from ultra-cushy rubber, our Mini and Maxi Deluxe scooter handle grips have been designed, tested, and manufactured with comfort and style in mind. There’s a difference you can feel! 


Comfy hands = longer rides!

Oftentimes when new Micro Friends hop on to ride, their first reaction is “wow!” The grips and deck are the only touchpoint while scooter riding, and it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable. Comfy hands = longer rides! And longer rides mean a great investment. 

We know that kids love making things their own, and often have excellent design ideas. With our offering of scooter hand grips as a replaceable part, families can easily customize the design of their scooter from home. 



Rainbow of Colors

Choose from a wide variety of colors, swap your grips, and you’re ready to roll on a newly customized ride!

Shop Handlebar Grips Here.

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