FREE Winter Printable Activities

Looking for screen-free activities to keep the kids entertained this winter? Embrace the frosty fun with our free and fabulous printables! Our "Build a Snowman" activity is sure to be a hit as you cut, color, and assemble your very own snow companion. The adventure continues with a word search challenge! Print our "Winter Wonderland Word Search" and get cracking on finding seasonal vocabulary.

Perfect for snowy days, family gatherings, or simply solo play! So grab your markers, pencils, and a cup of cocoa – Micro’s free printables are here in the nick of time to make your winter break one to remember. Download and print here.


Winter Wonderland Word Search 

Ready, set, search! Can you find all of the words in our winter word search? Challenge your eyes and mind with this free printable. The perfect way to switch gears after a scoot!

Activity Highlights:

🔍 Word Search Challenge: A curated selection of winter-themed words awaits discovery in this entertaining word search. From frosty to mittens, and snowy to sled, the grid is filled with festive surprises.

📚 Educational Fun: This activity isn't just fun – it's educational too! Enhance vocabulary and spelling skills as participants hunt for words related to winter activities, weather, and traditions.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Great for All Ages: Whether you're a seasoned word search enthusiast or just starting, this activity is designed to be enjoyable for individuals or groups.

🕵️ Search and Find: Challenge participants to sharpen their focus and concentration as they search horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for the hidden words.

📋 How to Use:

Click & Print: Click to be directed to the printable PDF and print as many copies as needed.

Discover Words: Break out a pencil or marker and circle or cross out the words as they are found.



Build A Paper Snowman Craft 

Get ready to bring the magic of winter indoors with Micro’s free "Build a Snowman" printable! This free and easy-to-use craft template is the perfect way to engage children in a creative and festive winter-themed project.

Activity Highlights:

✨ Simple and Fun: This printable is designed for simplicity, making it suitable for kids to enjoy independently or as a family crafting session.

❄️ All-Inclusive Template: Our printable includes all the necessary elements to create a festive paper snowman. From the snowman’s classic round snowballs to their cozy scarf, and even their very own Micro scooter, every detail is thoughtfully provided.

🖨️ Print and Play: With just a click, you can conveniently print the template at home.

🎨 Customization Options: Go all out with whatever materials you have at home: markers, colored pencils, or crayons are great for every skill level. Or, level-up with glitter, stickers, or cotton balls to enhance the wintry charm!

🌟 Educational Fun: Use this activity to teach kids about the parts of a snowman and stimulate discussions about winter traditions and festivities.

📋 How to Use:

Click & Print: Click to be directed to the printable PDF and print as many copies as needed.

Cut & Create: Follow the easy instructions to cut out the snowman parts and assemble them.

Decorate: Let imaginations run wild as kids decorate their snowmen with colors and embellishments.


Click here to download & print

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