Gift Guide for Two-Year-Olds

What are the best gifts for 2-year-old boys and girls? Now that they’ve mastered walking, they love anything with wheels, from scooting, to pulling luggage behind them. Learning coordination and balance is right on par with their developmental stage. As they continue to form full sentences and develop their vocabulary, 2-year-olds are beginning to engage in pretend play. They enter into the adult world through real-world items like play vegetables and maybe even a campfire set. We’ve compiled this list to help you as you choose the perfect gift to help your little one continue to develop while having fun. Keep reading to choose from these toddler favorites!





  1. Micro Mini Original Scooter
    1. As the highest rated kids scooter, there’s no wondering why this is our top choice. Kids love the variety of colors to choose from, and the intuitive lean-to-steer system. To kids, it’s just fun, but thought has gone into every aspect of the Micro Mini. the deck is just an inch off the ground, allowing for even the littlest 2-year-olds to easily step on and off their scooter. The grips are ultra-comfortable for little hands, and the thick PU wheels help the scooter to glide over bumps. It’s surely the best value present you’ll buy your child, as they can use it from ages 2-5. Give your 2-year-old the best!
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  1. Kids Xylophone
    1. As their brains develop, 2-year-olds begin to have an interest in sound. This toddler xylophone is a great and easy for kids to engage, and experiment with the fun of making music.
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  1. Felt Campfire Set
    1. This super cute set from Crate + Barrel is soft and cushy, allowing for quiet play time for your toddler. As they develop, kids continue to thrive on pretend play. This set is great for learning about hot fire, yummy snacks, and the outdoors. It’s perfect for the adventurous 2-year-old in your life!
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  1. G Bike Chopper
    1. As 2-year-olds continue working on their balance, many parents have found great use in balance bikes. This model is ideal for children ages 2-5 and features chopper-style handlebars which limit the steering radius, providing more stability for young children. At just 6 lbs, it’s the lightest balance bike on the market. Adjustable handlebars and seat help to accommodate between siblings, or as your child grows.
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  1. Plush Animal Robe
    1. By age 2, many toddlers love bath time and the cozying up that comes afterward. This adorable robe is perfect for toddlers, as it’s soft and comes in several animal options.
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  1. Lazy Luggage
    1. Micro’s lazy luggage may seem like more of a gift for parents, but kids love riding on it. We hear from families that kids want to be pulled around the house because they love their travel experience so much! Lazy Luggage is perfect for families on the go, as it easily replaces strollers for children 18 mos - 4 years. Simplify your travels with Lazy Luggage!
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  1. Kids Play Felt Vegetable Set
    1. If your child loves trips to the market, or watching you cook, this felt vegetable set will be a sure hit. Again, engaging in 2-year-olds desire for pretend play, this play food set helps to place themselves in the adult world.
    2.  Two (7)


  1. Play Tent and Tunnel
    1. By now your 2-year-old surely loves exploring, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or back yard. There are a lot of exciting things to discover! Capitalize on their desire to learn with this play tent and tunnel which can easily be set up and taken town.
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  1. Where The Wild Things Are Book
    1. Or any book, really. 2-year-olds need help developing their vocabulary and the age-old bedtime story is a big help! Pick up an award winning classic like Where The Wild things Are or another children's book of your choosing. It will help develop both their imagination and language skills.
    2.  Two (10)


  1. Wooden Tool Set
    1. Another item to help children engage in playing pretend is this wooden tool set. Have Mr. or Ms. Fix It help you around your home, and boost their confidence when you show them how helpful they can be.
    2.  Two (11)


  1. Helmet
    1. Some may call two’s terrible but they don’t have to be! Whether you child is riding their scooter or balance bike, or climbing onto your kitchen counter, you can count on our helmets to keep them safe. We carry a wide range of fun and stylish helmets in a range of sizes.
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  1. Bath Time Fishing Set
    1. Bath time can be a great time to engage in play. This bath time fishing set helps your little one learn about water, magnets, and sea animals! Their sense of accomplishment builds as they catch each fish.
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